Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The Good & The Bad

 The Good & The Bad

If you haven't noticed, our new website is up!!!  We were working out the kinks last week as the website switched between new and old.  Over the weekend, it appears the website completely switched over.  However, it took our email server down.  We are working to get it fixed.  If you sent us an email Friday afternoon through today, we have not received it.  Please be patient with us as we are hopeful when our email server is worked out, the missing emails will come through.  At that point we will respond to all the messages.

For the Good --

Our NEW website is up and running!!!  However, it is far from complete.  Keep watching as we add more items – canvases, threads, supplies, and more.  Even though the website has a shopping cart, we would still LOVE to talk directly to our customers.  You can always use the website for reference and call or email us to place an order (please wait to email until we have it back up and running). 

Remember, we are human, and the website may have some errors.  This is all new to us.  We would love if you can kindly point these out if you locate any errors.  We are also double checking our inventory totals.  We are doing our best to keep all inventory amounts accurate.

***If you place an order online with a coupon code, please be sure to use the code.  We cannot edit the transaction once it has been completed through Shopify.***

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