Friday, October 30, 2015

Di Hiller

 Di Hiller DGO-101

Di Hiller DGO-103
Di Hiller DGO-107
Di Hiller DGO-114
Di Hiller HAL-100
Di Hiller HAL-101A
Di Hiller HAL-103A
Di Hiller HAL-105
Di Hiller HAL-106
Di Hiller HAL-111
Di Hiller HAL-127

Di Hiller HAL-128
Di Hiller HAL-129
Di Hiller HAL-131
Di Hiller HAL-132
Di Hiller HAL-133
Di Hiller HAL-138
Di Hiller HAL-140
Di Hiller HAL-146
Di Hiller HAL-147
Di Hiller HAL-148

Di Hiller HAL-149
Di Hiller HAL-150
Di Hiller HAL-151
Di Hiller HAL-154 (front)
Di Hiller HAL-154A (back)
Di Hiller HAL-158
Di Hiller HAL-159
Di Hiller HAL-160
Di Hiller SER-109
Di Hiller SER-131


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pockette Projects

Meg's 1st Project

 Meg's 2nd project --almost done!

 Meg's 3rd project -- another almost done!

Meg's 4th project -- waiting to be started
 Megan's 1st project

Megan's 2nd project


Wednesday, October 28, 2015


We realized we never shared a picture of the new Overdyed Baroque Silk.  This was new in Dallas and we have all 25 colors!!!  We are excited to find the right project to use it on.

We have added 25 canvases to our Sale Pages.  
There are over 300 canvases on sale - all 40%  and more off


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pockette Projects

We thought it might be fun to share what we are all stitching on - check it out!

 Devon's project

 Joan's project

 Julia's first project

Julia's second project

Pat's project


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Funda Scully from Painted Pony and Sharon G

 Painted Pony/Funda Scully FS-10-TX03
comes with night light

 Painted Pony/Funda Scully FS-13

Painted Pony/Funda Scully FS-25BB

Painted Pony/Funda Scully FS-25BG

Painted Pony/Funda Scully FS-25GG

Painted Pony/Funda Scully FS-COAST-TECH

Sharon G GS-655

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