Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mindy, Melissa Prince, Machelle Somerville, and Sandra Gilmore

Mindy 2385

Mindy 2385-B

Mindy 2385-D

 Mindy 2387

Mindy JM-002

Melissa Prince B-337

Melissa Prince B-369

Movie Coasters -- can you guess each one? 
 Melissa Prince M-123

Melissa Prince M-129

Melissa Prince M-133

Melissa Prince M-139

Melissa Prince M-141

Machelle Somerville MS-012

Sandra Gilmore Ring Out


Friday, March 25, 2016

Julie Mar and JP Needlepoint

 Julie Mar 185-2

 Julie Mar 188-2

Julie Mar 6154
 JP Needlepoint H-220

JP Needlepoint O-63
JP Needlepoint V-84
JP Needlepoint X-232


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Strictly Christmas

Strictly Christmas CHP-32

 Strictly Christmas SP-01

Strictly Christmas SP-02
Strictly Christmas SP-03
Strictly Christmas SP-04
Strictly Christmas SP-05

Strictly Christmas SP-06

 Strictly Christmas SP-10

Strictly Christmas SP-11
 Strictly Christmas SP-12

Strictly Christmas SP-13

 Strictly Christmas SP-14

Strictly Christmas SP-15


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

J. Child and Melissa Shirley

 J. Child BKM-213

J. Child BKM-227

J. Child PIL-264

J. Child STK-223

Melissa Shirley AOG-106, with stitch guide

Melissa Shirley DM-116A

Melissa Shirley DM-116B

Melissa Shirley DM-116C

Melissa Shirley DM-116D

Melissa Shirley DM-116E

Melissa Shirley VS-159B


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Painted Pony -- new angels

 Painted Pony PP-996JB

Painted Pony PP-996JC
Painted Pony PP-996JD
Painted Pony PP-996JE
Painted Pony PP-996JF
Painted Pony PP-996JG
Painted Pony PP-996JH
Painted Pony PP-996JI
Painted Pony PP-996JJ
Painted Pony PP-996JK
Painted Pony 996-JN

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