Friday, January 31, 2020

New Canvases, Post 2

 Bead Case - I Love to Bead

Colorful Owl


Needle Case - Blue

Needle Case - I Love Needlepoint

Needle Case - Pink

Needle Case - Red

Needle Case - Silver

Needle Case - I Love to Stitch

Christmas Ornament

Red Truck with Tree

Red Wagon

Small Bag - Weekend Forecast 

Small Bag - My Biggest Fear ...

Small Bag - I won't buy ...

Alice Peterson 4085

Alice Peterson 4090

Alice Peterson 4100

Alice Peterson 4149

Alice Peterson 4150

Alice Peterson 4152

Alice Peterson 4153

Alice Peterson 4154

Alice Peterson/Gayla Elliot GE-682

Alice Peterson/Gayla Elliot GE-688

Alice Peterson X-406

Alice Peterson X-419

Alice Peterson X-421

Cheryl & Annie CANB-3

Cheryl & Annie CANB-10

Cheryl & Annie CANM-1

Cheryl & Annie CANM-17

Cheryl & Annie CANM-23

Cheryl & Annie CANM-31

Cheryl & Annie CANX-8

Cheryl & Annie CANX-24

JP Needlepoint B-166

JP Needlepoint B-307L

JP Needlepoint DP-127

JP Needlepoint DP-136B

JP Needlepoint H-223

JP Needlepoint H-243

 JP Needlepoint TB-108

JP Needlepoint V-56

JP Needlepoint V-103

JP Needlepoint V-104

Lani 112-A

Lani 115-A

Lani 1101-A

Lani CO-20A

Lani CO-20B

Lani CO-20D

MAP Designs 151-A

MAP Designs 151-B

MAP Designs 173

MAP Designs 174 

MAP Designs 206-A

Prairie Designs LW-1912C

Prairie Designs LW-1803

Prairie Designs LW-1804

Prairie Designs LW-1807

Prairie Designs LW-1809

Prairie Designs LW-1912B

Prairie Designs LW-1912D
Prairie Designs LW-1916

 Prairie Designs LW-1917

Patti Mann 20080

Patti Mann 20082

Patti Mann 42204

Patti Mann 42210

Patti Mann 50020

Patti Mann 50021

Patti Mann 60007

Patti Mann 85021

Patti Mann 85022

Patti Mann 85023

Patti Mann 85024

Patti Mann 85025
 Sandra Gilmore Birch Joy

New Colors of Glisten

New Colors of Petite Frosty Rays

New Colors of  Petite Very Velvet

New Colors of Rainbow Eyelash

New Colors of Rainbow Persian

New Colors of Very Velvet

A few new arrivals ---
 Needle Crossings 323

Needle Crossings 418

Rebecca Wood 1399-A

Rebecca Wood 1399-B

Rebecca Wood 1476-C

 The Collection/Paul Brent PB-19651

 The Collection/Paul Brent PB-19652

The Collection/Paul Brent PB-19653

The Collection/Paul Brent PB-19654

The Collection/Paul Brent PB-19663

Today is the last day of our January Sale -- 20% off in-stock and special order canvases, excluding club canvases.

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