Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Snap Trays & Scissors

 We love when new snap trays arrive!!!

And Scissors too!!!
 Bohin Fine Point Scissors 3 1/2"

Bohin Soft Touch Red Handle Scissors 2.25"

 Bohin Embroidery Scissors 4 1/3"
Peacock Blue, Limeade, Red, Taxi Cab, Barbie Pink, Iris

 Needle Tins, set of 4


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More from our Advent-urous Christmas Club

 This is the optional star tree topper.  We just received it and will begin stitching.

More finished ornaments -

Both trees with ornaments hanging!
We finished our ornaments with an opening at the top to add something special!
 Silver tree

Stained tree

It is not to late to join the club!  Call or email for more information!!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Associated Talents, Kate Dickerson, & Voila

Associated Talents CT-1704
Associated Talents EE-1201
Kate Dickerson OM-09
 Kate Dickerson OM-13

 Kate Dickerson OM-15

 Kate Dickerson OM-17

 Kate Dickerson OM-18

 Kate Dickerson PL-14

 Voila! SF-734

Voila! SF-735


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Birds of a Feather, The Collection & Got Stitches?

 Birds of a Feather AS-743

 Birds of a Feather AS-750

 Birds of a Feather AS-751

 Birds of a Feather AS-752

 Birds of a Feather AS-753

 Birds of a Feather AS-754

Birds of a Feather AS-755

 The Collection CH-302A

 The Collection CH-302B

The Collection SB-939A

New Book!!!
Got Stitches? by Gone Stitching

Here are a few examples from the book!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Amanda Lawford & Strictly Christmas

 Amanda Lawford 7062 (20")

 Strictly Christmas CHP-30

 Strictly Christmas COSA-78

Strictly Christmas COSA-79
 Strictly Christmas CS-114

 Strictly Christmas CS-116

 Strictly Christmas CS-182

 Strictly Christmas CS-270

 Strictly Christmas CS-271

Strictly Christmas CS-464

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