Saturday, January 30, 2016


Zecca ZE-399, comes with coordinating ribbon

Zecca ZE-404

Zecca ZE-409

Zecca ZE-417

Zecca ZE-419

Zecca ZE-421, comes with coordinating ribbon

Our January sale ends tomorrow, Sunday, January 31st.  Email your orders to us to get them in before the sale ends.  We will confirm your order as soon as we arrive back at the store.


Friday, January 29, 2016

CBK, Pippin, Shelly Tribbey, and The Collection

CBK Needlepoint DK-EX36

CBK Needlepoint EG-SS27

CBK Needlepoint EG-XO64

CBK Needlepoint EG-XO64

CBK Needlepoint MN-PL16

CBK Needlepoint SB-PL06

CBK Needlepoint SC-PL66

CBK Needlepoint SC-PL68

CBK Needlepoint SC-PL70

CBK Needlepoint SC-PL72

CBK Needlepoint SC-XO20

Pippin P-CL-S-001
with stitch guide by Vicky De Angelis, Ruth Dilts, Robin King, Laura Taylor,
Cynthia Thomas, & Meredith Willet

Pippin P-D-013

Pippin P-F-016

Pippin P-NI-012

Pippin P-NI-013

Pippin P-NI-014

Pippin P-SM-004

Pippin P-SM-005

Pippin P-SM-006

Pippin P-SM-010

Pippin P-SM-011

Pippin P-SM-012

Pippin P-SM-019

Pippin P-SM-020

Pippin P-SM-021

Petite Suite CBF-002

Petite Suite CR-006

Shelly Tribbey C-320-13

Shelly Tribbey C-655

Shelly Tribbey H-09

Shelly Tribbey H-61

Shelly Tribbey H-319

Shelly Tribbey H-910

The Collection CH-300D

The Collection PM-179

Our January sale is 20% off in stock and special order canvases, excludes club canvases.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Melissa Shirley

 Melissa Shirley 1548-F

Melissa Shirley 1894-A
Melissa Shirley 1894-B
Melissa Shirley 1894-C
Melissa Shirley 1894-D
Melissa Shirley 1894-E
Melissa Shirley 1894-F
Melissa Shirley 1894-G
Melissa Shirley 1894-H
Melissa Shirley 1894-I
Melissa Shirley 1894-J
Melissa Shirley 1898
Melissa Shirley 1905
 Melissa Shirley DM-93

Melissa Shirley EW-102
Melissa Shirley MLT-338
Melissa Shirley VS-165
Melissa Shirley VS-175

20% off canvases during our January sale, in stock and special order --- excludes club canvases.

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