Saturday, October 29, 2016

Last Day for Halloween Sale

Our Halloween Sale is ending TODAY!!!  Here are more canvases to see --

& More Beck-112

& More Beck-113

& More Beck-114

& More Beck-115

& More Beck-117

& More Beck-153

Mindy 8C

A. Bradley ab-141

A. Bradley ab-206

Burnett & Bradley 493

Burnett & Bradley 579

Amanda Lawford 22029

Alice Peterson 2539

Alice Peterson 2544

Alice Peterson 2664

Alice Peterson/Gayla Elliott GE-H142

Alice Peterson/Gayla Elliott GE-H145

Alice Peterson/Gayla Elliott GE-H146

Alice Peterson/Gayla Elliott GE-H148

Alice Peterson/Gayla Elliott GE-H149

Alice Peterson/Gayla Elliott GE-H150

Associated Talents EE-951

Associated Talents EE-1137

Associated Talents EE-1138

Burnett & Bradley 6027

Cooper Oaks MML-928

Cooper Oaks WK-2019

Dede's ED-17130

Dream House Ventures CM-5006

Dream House Ventures VH-3680

Hilary Jean Designs S-012A-18

Hilary Jean Designs S-012B-18

Hilary Jean Designs S-012C-18

J. Malahy HW-1

J. Malahy HW-4

J. Malahy HW-6

Julie Mar KL-455

JP Needlepoint H-50

JP Needlepoint H-51

JP Needlepoint H-52

JP Needlepoint H-53

JP Needlepoint H-54

JP Needlepoint H-55

Julia's Needleworks LB-51

 Kirk & Bradley KB-116

Kirk & Bradley KB-118

Kirk & Bradley KB-434

Kelly Clark KCA-013-18

Kate Dickerson SS-165

Kathy Schenkel CO-440A

Kathy Schenkel CO-441B

Kathy Schenkel CO-442A

Kathy Schenkel CO-444A

Kathy Schenkel HO-101

Kathy Schenkel HO-102

Kathy Schenkel HO-104

 Kathy Schenkel HO-106

Kathy Schenkel SH-120

Kathy Schenkel SH-902

Lani 970-A

Leigh 5210

Leigh 5211

Leigh 5216

Little Shoppe Canvas Company PU-3

Melissa Shirley 1822-C

Melissa Shirley 1886-F

Melissa Shirley MLT-332

NeedleDeeva 471-A

NeedleDeeva 471-I

Quail Run QRS-65

Quail Run QRS-67

Quail Run QRS-68

Quail Run QRS-69

Quail Run QRS-70

Quail Run QRS-71

 Renaissance MP-128

Renaissance TT-235

Robbyn's Nest R-756

Robbyn's Nest R-757A

Ruth Schmuff 6112

Eye Candy 8201

Eye Candy 8202

Sandra Gilmore Graveyard

Sandra Gilmore Hooter

Stitch Its 237-A

Stitch Its 237-B

Sew Much Fun Skeleton Bride & Groom
(sold separately)

 Stitch Its 178

Tapestry Fair 3000

Tapestry Fair MS-7

 The Point of It All Designs HO-15

The Point of It All Designs HO-16

The Point of It All Designs HO-21

Zecca ZE-287

Take advantage of our Halloween Sale -- 25% off in stock Halloween canvases -- before it is too late.  The sale ends today!  (Club canvases and Trunk Show canvases are excluded.)

Also, this is the last day for our CBK Needlepoint Trunk Show!

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