Friday, March 29, 2013

Newest Painted Pony Angels

The newest Painted Pony angels made their way to PFOS today.

 996-HC - Country Life

 996-GV - Medieval Queen

 996-HA - Red Christmas Sampler

 996-HD - Ornament Collection

 996-HE - Wild & Crazy Christmas Trees

 996-HF - Kitchen Apron

 996-HH - Rowing/Crew Star

 996-HG - Cowgirl Cadillac

 996-HI - Sweet Shop

996-HJ - Peacock


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Charted Designs

Charted designs from Needle Delights Originals -


 Double Delights - Turple


Pandora's Boxes


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Recent Projects

We have a few projects around PFOS and from our customers to share!!!

 Robin stitched this Beth Gantz tree as our latest beginner class.

 Our customer, Eileen, stitched Downward Facing Dog by Maggie complete with the matching frame.

Nancy stitched this Ewe & Eye & Friend's cardinal.

 Detail on the cap and holly.


 Our customer, Lynn, stitched LOVE by Trish Designs.

 The newest Pockette, Pat, stitched this scene by Robbyn's Nest.

 Our customer, Nancy, has a pillow with a Barbara Bergsten design.

Meg stitched this Shear Creations design for a store model.

Call or email for any of the designs seen here!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kreinik Scissors & Pens

These scissors from Kreinik are new to PFOS -

 Serrated Embroidery Scissors

 Serrated Scissors with Curved Blades

Double Curved Scissors


 Ribbons 'n Bows



 Holiday Wishes

Shimmering Hearts


Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Collection, KS Designs & Sew Much Fun

 The Collection SB-931

The Collection SB-922

 KS Designs CM-565 with stuffed candy cane insert

 KS Designs CM-566 with stuffed peppermint insert

 KS Designs CM-630

 KS Designs CO-440A

 KS Designs CO-441B

KS Designs CO-442A

 KS Designs CO-444A

 KS Designs CX-185

 KS Designs HO-110 with stuffed bat insert

 KS Designs HO-111 with stuffed Jack-o-lantern insert

 KS Designs HO-112 with stuffed spider insert

 KS Designs HO-113 with stuffed ghost insert

 KS Designs HO-114 with stuffed cat insert

 KS Designs HO-115 with stuffed witch insert

 KS Designs HO-116 with stuffed bat insert

 KS Designs HO-117 with stuffed ghost insert

 KS Designs HO-118 with stuffed spider insert

KS Designs HO-119 with stuffed cat insert

 KS Designs HO-120 with stuffed witch insert

 KS Designs HO-121 with stuffed Jack-o-lantern insert

 KS Designs TL-119

 KS Designs TL-164

 KS Designs TL-200

KS Designs TL-206

KS Designs TL-207

KS Designs TL-212

KS Designs TL-301

KS Designs TL-304

KS Designs TL-307

KS Designs TL-311

  KS Designs SA-123

 Sew Much Fun - Boy Scarecrow

Sew Much Fun - Girl Scarecrow

 Christy Cat

Manny Monkey

A few of our favorites -
 In the Dog House

 Hooter Owl

Molly Cow


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