Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Day - Christmas in July

Check out some Santas -

Melissa Shirley 920A

Melissa Shirley 512-2B

Melissa Shirley 512-2D

Melissa Shirley 512-2F

Melissa Shirley 512-2H

A. Bradley ab24

A Collection of Designs 169

A Collection of Designs 330

A Collection of Designs 1365

Associated Talents CT-1221

Birds of a Feather BF425

Birds of a Feather BF426

Birds of a Feather BF427

Bettieray CD0429

Bettieray CD29

Cheryl Schaeffer LCX31

Cheryl Schaeffer LCX88

KS Designs CO161

Strictly Christmas COSA-62

Strictly Christmas COSH-01

Strictly Christmas COSH-02

Strictly Christmas COST-02

Strictly Christmas COTS-04

Danji LK-06

Danji LK-32

DeDe Australian Santa

Deux Amis SAN-01

Deux Amis SAN-02

Deux Amis SAN-04

Carol Dupree 221

Carol Dupree 222

Carol Dupree 224

Carol Dupree 226

Carol Dupree 261

Carol Dupree 262

Carol Dupree 263

Carol Dupree 411

Carol Dupree 413

Carol Dupree 482

Carol Dupree 483

Carol Dupree 484

Carol Dupree 801

Carol Dupree 804

Carol Dupree 481

Heartstrings HS5126

Heartstrings HS5133

Heartstrings HS5636

Heartstrings HS5731

Heartstrings HS5738

In Good Company MCS25

JB Designs CNT-134

Kelly Clark KCN100

Kelly Clark KCN106

Kelly Clark KCN1111

Kelly Clark KCN1114

Kelly Clark KCN1120

Kelly Clark KCN1121

Kelly Clark KCN1122

Kelly Clark KCN1320

Kelly Clark KCN1324

Kelly Clark KCN1325

Kelly Clark KCN1327

Kelly Clark KCNs100f

KS Designs CO137

KS Designs CO141

KS Designs CO145

Kelly Clark CO157

KS Designs CO166

KS Designs CO172

KS Designs CO175

KS Designs CO177

KS Designs CO179

KS Designs CO328

KS Designs CP412

Lani CD17a

Lani CD17c

Maggie M-884

Mile High Princess 115A

Mile High Princess 115B

Mile High Princess 2649

Mile High Princess 2650

Mile High Princess 2651

Mile High Princess 2652

Mile High Princess 2907

Melissa Shriley MLT-08a

NeedleDeeva 1363c

NeedleDeeva 1364c

NeedleDeeva 1364e

Needle Graphics MS07

NM Arts 1344

NM Arts 157

NM Arts 1667

NM Arts 194

NM Arts 194

Oak Tree RP-11

Oak Tree SBD1

Oak Tree SBD14

Oak Tree SBD28

Painted Pony 503a

Painted Pony 503c

Painted Pony 594aa

Painted Pony 595aa

Painted Pony 595ab

Painted Pony 598aa

Patti Mann M3615

Renaissance Designs MNS-217

Renaissance Designs MNS-227

Renaissance Designs N-145a

Renaissance Designs N-150

Renaissance Designs N160-1

Renaissance Designs N-160-10

Renaissance Designs N-160-11

Renaissance Designs N-160-12

Renaissance Deisgns N-160-4

Renaissance N-160-5

Renaissance N-160-6

Renaissance Designs N-160-7

Renaissance Designs N-160-8

Renaissance Designs N-160-9

Renaissance Designs N-166

Renaissance Designs O-149a

Rishfeld DSE-13

Rebecca Wood 17L

Strictly Christmas COBB-20

Strictly Christmas COSA-71

Strictly Christmas COSN-05

Strictly ChristmasCOTS-01

Strictly Christmas COTS-02

Strictly Christmas MSC-02

Shelly Tribbey BG01

Shelly Tribbey C38c

Shelly Tribbey C38f

Shelly Tribbey C38j

Shelly Tribbey C38m

Shelly Tribbey C38n

Stitch-Its PS-20b

Stitch-Its PS-20c

Stitch-Its PS-20d

Stitch-Its PS-20e

Stitch-Its PS-20f

Stitch-Its PS-20g

Stitch-Its PS-20h

Susan Roberts 234

Shelly Tribbey C102

Shelly Tribbey C123

Shelly Tribbey C242

Shelly Tribbey C256

Shelly Tribbey C39

Shelly Tribbey C39a

Shelly Tribbey C404

Shelly Tribbey C697

Shelly Tribbey C724

Shelly Tribbey C726

Shelly Tribbey C753

Shelly Tribbey C754

Shelly Tribbey C829

Shelly Tribbey SK45

Star Needle Arts 056

Elizabeth Turner XO-101o

Today is the last day of our Christmas in July sale.  Take 20% off in stock and special order Christmas canvases through today only.  Get your order in before it is too late.  Christmas club canvases excluded.

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