Thursday, February 28, 2013

Melissa Shirley, Ruth Schmuff, & Susan Roberts

 Melissa Shirley 1627-B

 Melissa Shirley 1654

 Melissa Shirley1655

Melissa Shirley 1665

 Melissa Shirley DM51-A

 Melissa Shirley DM51-B

 Melissa Shirley DM51-C

 Melissa Shirley DM51-D

Melissa Shirley DM51-E

 Melissa Shirley DM53

Melissa Shirley DM60-A

 Melissa Shirley DM60-B

Melissa Shirley DM60-C

 Melissa Shirley DM60-D

 Melissa Shirley MLT283-B

Ruth Schmuff 5018

 Ruth Schmuff 8241

 Ruth Schmuff 8242

 Ruth Schmuff 8243

 Ruth Schmuff 8247

 Susan Roberts 5385

 Susan Roberts 5386

Susan Roberts 5391


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

27 New Canvases + 2 Books

 A Collection of Designs 1300

 A Collection of Designs 1301

A Collection of Designs 1302

 A Collection of Designs 1303

 A Collection of Designs 1304

 A Collection of Designs 2936

 A Collection of Designs 2937

 A Collection of Designs 2938

Amanda Lawford 4058

 Amanda Lawford 22025

 Amanda Lawford AB-07

 Amanda Lawford AB-11

Cooper Oaks WK-2020

 Cooper Oaks WK-2052

DC Designs D8135

 DC Designs DO129

 DC Designs DO130

DC Designs DO131

 Strictly Christmas COSA-74

Strictly Christmas CSC-81

 Strictly Christmas CSC-107

 Strictly Christmas SS-20

 Strictly Christmas SS-21

 Strictly Christmas SS-22

 Strictly Christmas SS-23

Strictly Christmas SS-24

 Strictly Christmas SS-25

Colorful Backgrounds by June McKnight

The stitches -

Great Layers for Needlepoint by Julia Snyder

The stitches -

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