Friday, February 28, 2014

New Danji

Danji CH-13
 Danji CH-14

 Danji CH-15

 Danji CH-17

 Danji CH-18

 Danji CH-23

 Danji CH-24

Danji CH-25
 Danji CH-26

 Danji CH-27

 Danji CH-28

 Danji CH-29

 Danji CH-30

Danji CH-31
 Danji CH-34

Danji LB-75
Danji LB-76
Danji LB-77
Danji LB-87
Danji LK-57


Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Just In!!!

Great for beginners -
 Barbara Russell 134

 Barbara Russell 237

 Barbara Russell 290

 Barbara Russell 332

 Barbara Russell BR-456

 Barbara Russell BR-459

 CBK Needlepoint MBM-60

CBK Needlepoint SA-X047
CBK Needlepoint SA-X054
 CBK Needlepoint SS-18

 CBK Needlepoint SS-19

 Jean Smith 118-A

 Jean Smith 118-B

 Jean Smith 118C-1

Jean Smith 118C-2
 Jean Smith 118C-4

Jean Smith 118C-6
 Jean Smith 121-A

 Jean Smith 121-B

 Jean Smith 165-A

 Jean Smith 165-C

Jean Smith 165-F
Jean Smith 165-G
 Leigh 6336

 Leigh 8330

 Leigh 8332

 Leigh 8333

The Point of It All Designs HO-21
 The Point of It All Designs S-373

The Point of It All Designs S-380


****Remember, today is the LAST DAY of the Zecca trunk show.  The 20% discount on Zecca canvases ends today!!!

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