Tuesday, January 30, 2018

New Canvases in Stock!

These canvas came back with us from market!
 Alexa BO-6

Alexa GLO-1

Alexa MP-4

Alexa MP-5

Alexa SP-1

Alice Peterson 2922

Alice Peterson 3729

Alice Peterson 3731

Alice Peterson X-316

Birds of a Feather BF-832

Birds of a Feather SW-120

Birds of a Feather SW-121

Birds of a Feather SW-122

Birds of a Feather SW-123

Danji AW-48

Danji AW-49

Danji CH-246

Danji CH-301

Danji CH-302

Danji CH-303

Danji CH-304

Danji CH-305

Danji CH-306

Danji CH-309

Danji CH-310

Danji CH-311

Danji CH-312

Danji CH-313

Danji CH-314

Danji CH-315

Danji CH-316

Danji CH-317

Danji CH-320

Danji CH-324

Danji CH-325

Danji CH-326

Danji CH-327

Danji CH-328

Danji CH-329

Danji CH-330

Danji CH-331

Danji CH-332

Danji EA-02

Danji EA-08

Danji JC-02

Danji JC-05

 Danji LB-138

Danji LB-139

Danji ZIA-18

Danji ZIA-19

Danji ZIA-79

Danji ZIA-80

Danji ZIA-81

Danji ZIA-82

Danji ZIA-87

 Danji ZIA-89

Danji ZIA-92

Danji ZIA-94
J and J Graphics NL-93

JP Needlepoint H-7

JP Needlepoint H-8

JP Needlepoint H-14

Kathy Schenkel SH-816

Kathy Schenkel TL-186

Kathy Schenkel TL-187

Kathy Schenkel TL-412

Leigh 7303 (tissue box cover)

 Mindy 2506-E

Mindy 2510

 Mindy 2523

Mindy A-50

Small dark green snap tray
(This can work with the canvas posted above or below.)

Same snap tray, shown snapped
(color is closer to the one shown above)

 Mindy A-58

Mindy A-65

Purple case shown closed
(This can be used with the canvas shown above or below.)

Purple case - inside

Mindy A-69

Oasis A-7

Oasis V-2

Oasis V-4

Patti Mann 11067

Patti Mann 20053

Patti Mann 21059

Patti Mann 22104

Patti Mann 22105

Patti Mann 22106

Patti Mann 22112

 Patti Mann 22188

Patti Mann 22209
 Sew Much Fun Small Colorful Daisy

Sew Much Fun Rest in Pieces Coffin

Sew Much Fun Small Colorful Heart

Sew Much Fun Spooky Coffin

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