Friday, September 27, 2019

Kathy Schenkel & Magnets

Kathy Schenkel CM-564C
with stuffed softball insert

Kathy Schenkel CM-650
with stuffed ear of corn insert

Accoutrements  Abominable

 Accoutrements Coffee

Accoutrements Fall Owl

Accoutrements Fox

Accoutrements Ghost

Accoutrements Happy Holidays

Accoutrements Key Lime Pie

Accoutrements Llama

Accoutrements Penguin

Accoutrements Red/Black/White Tree

Accoutrements Rudolph

Accoutrements Snowman in Top Hat

Accoutrements Starry Night

Accoutrements Texas Heart in Red

Accoutrements Texas Heart in White

Accoutrements Turkey with Fun Feathers

Puffin & Company Mini Needle Nanny Flying Santa

Puffin & Company Mini Needle Nanny Owl

Puffin & Company Mini Needle Nanny Thimble

Puffin & Company Needle Nanny Dog in Doghouse

Puffin & Company Needle Nanny Flower

Puffin & Company Needle Nanny Harvest

 Puffin & Company Needle Nanny Heart

Puffin & Company Needle Nanny Peace


Thursday, September 26, 2019

In Stock from Destination Dallas - Post 7

 & More BECK-C8

& More CBJ-47

& More CCCA-12

& More CCCA-13

& More CMRO4-18

& More CORN-9

& More CSEHA-071

& More CV-367

& More CV-434-18

Jude LC-2

Jude LC-7

USA 12 Days
Jude USA-1
One Nation Under God

Jude USA-2
 2 Groups Partying

Jude USA-3
3 Memorials Reminding

Jude USA-4
4 Presidents Rockin'

Jude USA-5
5 Landmarks We Visit

Jude USA-6
6 Coins in my Purse

Jude USA-7
7 Foods we Eat

 Jude USA-8
8 Songs we Sing

Jude USA-9
9 Inning Stretching

Jude USA-10
10 Red, White & Blue

Jude USA-11
11 Per Team

Jude USA-12
12 Fireworks Over DC

Kelly Clark KBH-17-18

Kelly Clark KBH-19-18

Kelly Clark KBH-20-18

Kelly Clark KBH-21-18

Kelly Clark KCN-1550

Kelly Clark KCN-1551

Kelly Clark KCN-1552

Kelly Clark KCN-1554

Kelly Clark KCN-1555

Kelly Clark KCN-1556

Kathy Schenkel SC-101
Kathy Schenkel SC-104

Lee's Needle Arts WH-1345

Lee's Needle Arts WH-1346

Lee's Needle Arts WH-1347

Lee's Needle Arts WH-1348

The Collection/Penny MacLeod PM-771

New Threads
 Alpaca 18

Bella Lusso



Neon Rays +

Rainbow Eyelash ***New Thread***

Rainbow Linen

Silk Lame Braid 18
missing one new color

Silk Lame Braid Petite
missing one new color


More new! 
 Set of 4 Coasters from Planet Earth

Set of 4 Coasters from Planet Earth

Small Bags 


Victoria Whitson
Laynards with thread cutter, needle threader, 
ring to hold reading glasses, and jewel/decoration

thread cutter, needle threader, and clip
add to any bag to take these tools anywhere with you

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