Monday, April 29, 2013

Destination Dallas

Day 1 of Destination Dallas market is over.  We shopped, shopped, shopped and have many goodies to show.  We have a new book, new threads, new designer, and new canvases!!!  All these new items, as well as many of our favorite canvases are ready to make the journey to Lubbock.  Here are a few of our finds -

New designer - Annie Lane
 Annie Lane - Chicken Dance

 Annie Lane - Chicken Soup

Annie Lane - Down on the Corner

 Annie Lane - Holy Cluck

 Annie Lane - Sunflower

 Annie Lane - Treat Play Love

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-354

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-409

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-416

Julie Mar SC-231

 Kelly Clark KCN TX-01

 Kelly Clark KCN TX-02

 Kelly Clark KCN TX-03

 Kelly Clark KCN TX-04

 Kelly Clark KCN TX-05

 Kelly Clark KCN TX-06

 Kelly Clark KCN TX-07

 Maggie M-1570

Noses, Roses and Other Fun Stuff by Cynthia Thomas

 Ideas for using felt balls to add the perfect touch to your canvas.

 Technique for hair.

 Woven baskets

 Pattie Mann 11213

 Patti Mann 11404

 Patti Mann 11408

 Raymond Crawford HO-837
(We will post a picture of this nutcracker stitched - it is fabulous!!! Stay tuned.)

 Renaissance Designs PG-101

 Renaissance Designs TT-198

 Strictly Christmas CHP-21

 Susan Roberts/Janice Gaynor G-1016

 Susan Roberts/Janice Gaynor JG-1204

 Shelly Tribbey C-976

 Shelly Tribbey CT-02

The Collection SB-932

All the above canvases (and book) will be in store on Tuesday.  Call or email for information or to order your favorites.  More to come soon!  We must head to bed now to be ready for Day 2.


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