Friday, March 25, 2011

Julia Snyder's Blackwork Book

This beautiful new book from Julia Snyder features an exciting new take on Blackwork.
Here is what Julia has to say about her newest creation:
"Most will see a Blackwork pattern and think that they are for fabric, cross-stitch, only. But, as you can see, I view them in a different light. I love to use them as 'over stitching' on areas of needlepoint that have already been stitched. When stitched over stitched needlepoint it will give you a brocade effect, it can also be used to hide canvas that is showing. If you are stitching over needlepoint then you can use a small metallic thread of the same color or a different color. You can also use a contrasting textured thread."
Wow! I cannot wait to use these Blackwork techniques on some of my stitching!
This book sells for only $42.95, and while we have several copies in the store we do not expect them to stick around for very long!
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  1. Hi, I am a NP book seller, I am looking for the name of who publishes the Julia Snyder books...or are they self-published? Thanks for your help



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