Saturday, July 23, 2016

Christmas in July - Christmas animals

During the entire month of July, in stock canvases are 30% off and special order canvases are 20% off.  Club canvases are excluded.  This applies to new orders only. 

Every day of July (including Sunday and Monday) we will post in stock canvases.  Although we are not open on those days, email us if you want to place an order and we will respond as soon as we return to the store. 
If you want only one shipment for July orders, we are happy to hold the canvases all month.  However, we will charge your orders daily.

 A. Bradley ab33

Burnett & Bradley 2599

Burnett & Bradley 2838

Burnett & Bradley 3074

Burnett & Bradley 3075

Burnett & Bradley 3077

Amanda Lawford 7231

Amanda Lawford/DC Designs DO-114

 Amanda Lawford/DC Designs DO-146

Alexa R3-7

Alexa R3-15

Alexa WSN-4

Annie Lane Rooster

Alice Peterson X-62

Alice Peterson X-114

Alice Peterson X-163

Alice Peterson X-198

BB Needlepoint BBT-7

BB Needlepoint BBT-8

BB Needlepoint BH-9

Birds of a Feather AS-722

Birds of a Feather BF-213

Birds of a Feather SW-107

CBK Needlepoint DK-EX33

CBK Needlepoint LM-XO19

CBK Needlepoint SC-EX02

CBK Needlepoint SC-EX03

CBK Needlepoint SC-PL08

CBK Needlepoint SC-PL16

CBK Needlepoint SC-PL21 

CBK Needlepoint SC-PL26

CBK Needlepoint SC-PL42

CBK Needlepoint SC-PL72

CBK Needlepoint SC-PL73

Kathy Schenkel CO-258

 Danji BP-05

Danji BP-10

Danji BP-11

Danji CH-62

Danji CH-84

Danji CH-85

Danji CH-154

Danji CH-155

Danji LD-41

Amanda Lawford/DC Designs DO-132

Dream House Ventures F-3730

Dream House Ventures F-3732

Dream House Ventures F-3734

DJ Designs MM-8048

The Meredith Collection XO-144Q

The Meredith Collection XO-172P

Ewe & Eye & Friends EW-1151

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-17

J. Child STK-222

Julie Mar KL-193

JP Needlepoint B-404A

JP Needlepoint X-203

JP Needlepoint X-210

JP Needlepoint X-211

JP Needlepoint X-213

JP Needlepoint X-214

JP Needlepoint X-216

JP Needlepoint X-224

JP Needlepoint X-232

Julia's Needleworks MB-23

Kirk & Bradley KB-403

Kirk & Bradley KB-405

Kelly Clark KC-411

Kate Dickerson XM-01

Kathy Schenkel CO-332

Kathy Schenkel CO-336

 Kathy Schenkel CO-337

Kathy Schenkel CO-338

Kathy Schenkel PS-306

Kathy Schenkel PS-307

Kathy Schenkel PS-308

Kathy Schenkel PS-309

Kathy Schenkel PS-310

Kathy Schenkel PS-311

Kathy Schenkel PS-312

Kathy Schenkel ST-426

Labors of Love LL-604

Labors of Love LL-605

Maggie M-1601

Maggie M-1612

Maggie M-1672

Maggie M-1673

Maggie M-1778

MAP Designs 204-E

Mile High Princess 1402

Mile High Princess 1535

Mile High Princess 1536

Melissa Prince H-203

Melissa Prince H-235

Melissa Shirley 1813

Melissa Shirley DM-62B

Melissa Shirley DM-105

NM Arts 194

Nenah Stone CH-121

Princess & Me C-260

Princess & Me C-314

Princess & Me C-722

Princess & Me C-779

Princess & Me C-780

Princess & Me C-781

Princess & Me C-806

Pepperberry DG-04

Pepperberry DG-05

Pepperberry DG-07

Pepperberry FP-04

Pepperberry BN-01

Pepperberry FR-05

 Patti Mann 5421

Patti Mann 11065

Patti Mann 11597

Painted Pony/Mary Engelbreit ME-CH05

Raymond Crawford HO-283

Raymond Crawford HO-437

Raymond Crawford HO-749

Raymond Crawford HO-774

Raymond Crawford HO-1125

Raymond Crawford HO-1252

Raymond Crawford HO-1281

Raymond Crawford QT-97

Renaissance COC-102B

Renaissance COC-102C

Renaissance COC-102D

Renaissance COC-102F

Renaissance MSN-264-9

Renaissance N-188-2

Renaissance N-188-3

Renaissance N-188-12

Renaissance N-193A

Renaissance N-193C

Renaissance N-197-1

Renaissance N-197-2

Renaissance N-197-3

Renaissance N-197-4

Renaissance N-197-5

Renaissance N-204A

Renaissance N-204B

Renaissance N-204C

 Robbyn's Nest R-663

Rebecca Wood 44-C

Rebecca Wood 44-D

Rebecca Wood 598-D

Rebecca Wood 1003-B

Rebecca Wood 1011-B

Rebecca Wood 1011-C

Rebecca Wood 1011-D

Rebecca Wood 1012-F

Rebecca Wood 1018-B

Rebecca Wood 1018-D

Rebecca Wood 1018-E

Rebecca Wood 1018-F

Rebecca Wood 1018-G

Rebecca Wood 1018-H

Rebecca Wood 1018-I

Rebecca Wood 1022-M

Rebecca Wood 1026-E

Rebecca Wood 1027-B

Rebecca Wood 1027-D

Rebecca Wood 1027-F

Rebecca Wood 1027-G

Rebecca Wood 1028-D

Rebecca Wood 1028-E

Strictly Christmas COAN-07

Strictly Christmas COAN-37, blue hat

Strictly Christmas COAN-37, red hat

Strictly Christmas COAN-38

Strictly Christmas CODA-01

Strictly Christmas CODA-02

Strictly Christmas CODA-03

Strictly Christmas CODA-04

Strictly Christmas CODA-05

Strictly Christmas CODA-06

Strictly Christmas CODA-07

Strictly Christmas CODA-08

Strictly Christmas CODA-09

Strictly Christmas CODA-10

Strictly Christmas COLO-11

Strictly Christmas COW-02

Strictly Christmas COW-03

Strictly Christmas TSC-26

Sandra Gilmore Retro 3

 Sandra Gilmore Winter's Jewel

Shelly Tribbey C-320-13

Sew Much Fun Owl Wreath

Sew Much Fun Skating Penguin

Share One's Ideas O-123

Susan Roberts 246

Susan Roberts 7212

Susan Roberts AD-OR103

Susan Roberts C-203

Shelly Tribbey C-261

The Collection LJ-81

The Collection LJ-82

The Collection LJ-84

The Collection MB-C533

Whimsy & Grace 12565

Whimsy & Grace 12876

Whimsy & Grace 12878

Whimsy & Grace 12879

Winnetka Stitchery Design 922-C

Waterweave CO-821

Zecca ZE-368


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