Thursday, July 18, 2019

July Sale - Sayings, Words, Alphabets

July sale details -

In stock canvases - 30% discount
Special Order canvases - 20% discount
Club canvases are excluded.

We are happy to hold canvases until the end of the month.
We will charge canvases each day.

 & More CV-298

& More CV-315 

& More CV-427

& More CORT-1

& More CORT-5

& More CV-108

& More CV-373

& More CV-379

& More CV-393

& More CV-395

& More CCLIP-9

& More CV-114

Anne Brinkley AB-570

Vallerie Needlepoint Group NB-NC02

& More CV-116M

Alice Peterson 3748

Alice Peterson 3749

Alice Peterson 3750

A Poore Girl Paints APBR-04

A Poore Girl Paints APBR-24

A Poore Girl Paints APBU-02

A Poore Girl Paints APBU-02R

A Poore Girl Paints APBU-06

A Poore Girl Paints APBU-07

A Poore Girl Paints APBU-08

A Poore Girl Paints APBU-09

A Poore Girl Paints APFA-04

A Poore Girl Paints APFA-05

A Poore Girl Paints APLS-04

Two Sisters S-59

Two Sisters S-68

Two Sisters S-69

Two Sisters S-70

Two Sisters S-71

Beth Gantz 101AB-P

Beth Gantz 101AP-F

Beth Gantz 101AP-V

Beth Gantz 101LB-T

Birds of a Feather BF-216

Birds of a Feather BF-402

Birds of a Feather BF-827

Birds of a Feather BF-832

Birds of a Feather BF-849

Canvas Art by Barbi 1016

Canvas Art by Barbi 122-M

Canvas Art by Barbi 2245

CBK Needlepoint EG-SS19

CBK Needlepoint SS-44

 Canvas Connection SI-308

Carol Dupree 901

Colors of Praise AC-501

Colors of Praise AC-502

Colors of Praise AC-505

Colors of Praise AC-506

Colors of Praise AC-604

Colors of Praise AC-605

Colors of Praise AC-705

Colors of Praise AC-706

Colors of Praise AC-718

Colors of Praise AC-824

Colors of Praise AC-840

Colors of Praise AC-841

Colors of Praise AC-842

Colors of Praise EY-173

Colors of Praise IF-306

Cheryl Schaeffer EEK

CanvasWorks PO-139 insert

CanvasWorks PO-145 

Danji ZIA-35

Danji ZIA-36

Dream House Ventures VH-3675

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-408

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-585

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-586

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-588

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-632

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-633

Funda Scully FS-13

Hilary Jean Designs JFF-005

Hilary Jean Designs JFF-006-18

 Hilary Jean Designs S-010-18

J. Malahy SG-2

Kimberly Ann Needlepoint AF-03

Kelly Clark KCA-23-18

Kelly Clark KCA-26-18

Kelly Clark KCA-34-18

Kate Dickerson DH-05

Kate Dickerson DH-06

Kate Dickerson INSPCC-23

Kate Dickerson SS-09

Kate Dickerson SS-154

Kate Dickerson SS-157

Kathy Schenkel TL-401

Kathy Schenkel TL-404

Lycette LD-530

Little Bird EG-017

Little Bird EG-021

Little Bird SA-011

Little Bird SA-012

Labors of Love LL-148

Labors of Love LL-370

Mindy 2368-CK

Mindy 2368-E

Mindy A32CK

Mindy A39CK

Mindy A-2

Melissa Shirley 2139

Oasis ME-14

Oasis DI-5

Oasis DI-7

Pepperberry Designs SU-01

Patti Mann 4210

Patti Mann 4212

Patti Mann 22133

Patti Mann 40020
(you can put a zip code in the O)

Patti Mann 40021

Pewter & Pine PP-11

Pewter & Pine PP-13

Pewter & Pine PP-15

Pewter & Pine PP-18

 Patricia Sone EC-01

Patricia Sone SAY-004

Raymond Crawford HO-1699

Robbyn's Nest R-1104

Robbyn's Nest R-1105

Robbyn's Nest R-1159

Robbyn's Nest R-1166

Stitch Its 240-U

Cheryl Schaeffer STITCH

Sundance RF-DM

The Meredith Collection S-55

The Meredith Collection S-154

The Meredith Collection T-4-A

The Point of It All Designs S-281

The Point of It All Designs S-306

The Point of It All Designs S-385

The Point of It All Designs S-388

The Point of It All Designs S-397

The Point of It All Designs S-399

The Point of It All Designs S-414

The Point of It All Designs S-428

The Point of It All Designs S-440

Two Sisters IS-803L

Two Sisters IS-803R

 Unique NZ Designs 70486

Unique NZ Designs 70492

Unique NZ Designs 70636

Vallerie Needlepoint Group SV-K001

Vallerie Needlepoint Group SV-K002

Vallerie Needlepoint Group SV-K006

Zecca ZE-579

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