Wednesday, September 18, 2019

In Stock from Destination Dallas, Post 1

We are back at PFOS and working through all the canvases, threads, books, embellishments, etc.  It will take us several days to get everything checked in and posted.  Here are some things we were able to get done already --

 CBK Needlepoint ESG-PL02

CBK Needlepoint LEM-PL10

CBK Needlepoint LEM-PL11

CBK Needlepoint LEM-PL13

CBK Needlepoint LM-PL14

CBK Needlepoint LRE-PL40

CBK Needlepoint SC-XO50

CBK Needlepoint SC-XO52

CBK Needlepoint SC-XO54

CBK Needlepoint SC-XO55

CBK Needlepoint SC-XO56

CBK Needlepoint WB-PL18

CBK Needlepoint WB-PL19

CBK Needlepoint WB-PL20

CBK Needlepoint WB-PL21

CBK Needlepoint WB-XO 03

J. Child DHS-236

J. Child PIL-205

J. Child STK-214

Kelly Clark KBH-14-18 

 Kelly Clark KBH-15-18

Kelly Clark KBH-16-18

Kelly Clark KBH-18-18

Kathy Schenkel BT-794

Kathy Schenkel BT-835

Kathy Schenkel CM-148

Kathy Schenkel CM-205

Kathy Schenkel CM-307, with stuffed Moose

Kathy Schenkel CM-561, with stuffed Uncle Sam

Kathy Schenkel CX-123

Kathy Schenkel MP-277

Leigh Designs 4751

Leigh Designs 5150

Leigh Designs 5223

Leigh Designs 5224

Leigh Designs 6908

Madeline Elizabeth ME-11

Madeline Elizabeth ME-12

Pepperberry BB-12

Pepperberry BB-13

Pepperberry CHR-02

Pepperberry DGS-09

Pepperberry FL-05

Pepperberry HT-SP01

Pepperberry HT-SP02

Pepperberry HT-SP03

Pepperberry HT-SP04

Pepperberry HT-SP05

Pepperberry HT-SP06

Pepperberry HT-SP07

Pepperberry NOR-04

Pepperberry NOR-05

Pepperberry PA-22

Pepperberry WD-01

Pepperberry WD-02

Pepperbery WD-03

Pepperberry WR-01

Raymond Crawford HO-1814

Raymond Crawford HO-1815

Raymond Crawford HO-1955

Raymond Crawford HO-1978

Raymond Crawford HO-1979

Raymond Crawford HO-1981

Raymond Crawford HO-1985

Raymond Crawford HO-1986

Raymond Crawford HO-1987

Raymond Crawford HO-1989

Raymond Crawford HO-1990

Raymond Crawford HO-1992

Raymond Crawford HO-1993

Raymond Crawford HO-1994

Raymond Crawford HO-1996

Raymond Crawford HO-1999

Rachel Donley RD-088

Rachel Donley RD-102

Rachel Donley RD-127

Rachel Donley RD-162

Rachel Donley RD-163

 Rachel Donley RD-168

Rachel Donley RD-169

The Quarter Stitch Butterfly Floral

The Quarter Stitch Single Sugar Skull

The Quarter Stitch Small Chicken Haul

The Quarter Stitch Small Lemon Tree

The Quarter Stitch Sugar Skull Duo

Zecca ZE-499

 Zecca ZE-582

Zecca ZE-644

 Zecca ZE-630

Zecca ZE-631

Zecca ZE-632

Zecca ZE-636

 Zecca ZE-638

Zecca ZE-640

Zecca ZE-641

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