Monday, January 27, 2020

More from the Open House at Fleur de Paris

 Alice Peterson 4149

Alice Peterson 4150

Alice Peterson 4154

Alice Peterson/Gayla Elliot GE-688

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-650

Little Bird Designs FL-009

MAP Designs 206-A

MAP Designs 174

MAP Designs 173 
 MAP Designs 151-B

MAP Designs 151-A

Maggie M-1905

Mindy 2533

Patti Mann 20082

Patti Mann 42004

Patti Mann 42210

Patti Mann 50020

Patti Mann 50021

Patti Mann 60007

Raymond Crawford HO-2026

Raymond Crawford HO-2025

Raymond Crawford HO-2019

Patti Mann 85025

Patti Mann 85024

Patti Mann 85023

Patti Mann 85022

Patti Mann 85021

Raymond Crawford HO-2027

Raymond Crawford HO-2028

Raymond Crawford HO-2031

Raymond Crawford HO-2060

Raymond Crawford HO-2058

Raymond Crawford HO-2034

Raymond Crawford HO-2035

Raymond Crawford HO-2049

Raymond Crawford HO-2051

Raymond Crawford HO-2056

There are even more already packed in our luggage ready to head back home tomorrow.

Our January sale includes the new canvases we are bringing home with us -- 20% off in-stock and special order canvases, excluding club canvases.


Sunday, January 26, 2020

Open House at Fleur de Paris/Rainbow Gallery

See some of our great find at the Open House --

 Alice Peterson 4085

Alice Peterson 4090

Alice Peterson 4100

Alice Peterson 4152

Alice Peterson 4153

Danji BP-52

Danji CH-346

Danji CH-349

Danji ZIA-130

Danji ZIA-137

JP Needlepoint B-166

JP Needlepoint B-307

JP Needlepoint DP-136C

JP Needlepoint H-223

JP Needlepoint H-243

JP Needlepoint V-56

Lani 112-A

Lani 115-A

Lani CO20-A

Lani CO-20B

Lani CO-20D

Mindy 2535

Prairie Designs Needlepoint LW-1912B

Prairie Designs Needlepoint LW-1912C

Prairie Designs Needlepoint LW-1912D

The Meredith Collection TT-23A

The Meredith Collection TT-24A

The Meredith Collection TT-27A

Zecca ZE-655

Zecca ZE-657

Zecca ZE-671

More great canvases, we will post again tomorrow.

Remember our January sale is still doing on -- and these great canvases are included in the sale.
20% off in-stock and special order canvases, excluding club canvases.
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