Thursday, March 22, 2018

Canvas Art by Barbi, Julie Mar, Maggie, & Sandra Gilmore

 Canvas Art by Barbi 2241

Canvas Art by Barbi 2245

Canvas Art by Barbi 2247

Canvas Art by Barbi 2250

Canvas Art by Barbi 2251

Canvas Art by Barbi 2252

Julie Mar ASCH-902

Julie Mar JS-803

Julie Mar JS-805

Julie Mar JS-808

Julie Mar JS-809

Julie Mar KD-614

Julie Mar LM-701

Julie Mar PDW-415

Julie Mar SG-317

Maggie M-1904

Maggie M-1931

Maggie M-1971

Maggie M-1987

Maggie M-1989

Maggie M-1990

Maggie M-1991

Maggie M-1992

Maggie M-1993

Maggie M-1994

Maggie M-1995

Sandra Gilmore Christmas Glow


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Artists Collection & Pippin

 Art of Sunshine AS-402

Art of Sunshine AS-406

Art of Sunshine AS-407

Art of Sunshine AS-408

 Claire & James Designs CJ-5001

Claire & James Designs CJ-5013

Heartstrings HS-5180

KT Did KT-105

KT Did KT-402

KT Did KT-106

KT Did KT-303

KT Did KT-304

KT Did KT-305

KT Did KT-306

KT Did KT-307

KT Did KT-308

KT Did KT-309

KT Did KT-310
Mile High Princess MHP-1810

Mile High Princess MHP-1811

 Mile High Princess MHP-1812

Mile High Princess MHP-1813

Mile High Princess MHP-1814

Mile High Princess MHP-1815

Mile High Princess MHP-1816

Mile High Princess MHP-1817

Mile High Princess MHP-1821

Mile High Princess MHP-1823

Mile High Princess MHP-1824

Pinka PK-103

 Pippin P-EG-002

Pippin P-EG-003

Pippin P-ET-030

Pippin P-NI-020

Pippin P-SM-039


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