Saturday, July 30, 2016

Christmas in July - Misc. Christmas Ornaments, Post 2

Post 2 of 3

During the entire month of July, in stock canvases are 30% off and special order canvases are 20% off.  Club canvases are excluded.  This applies to new orders only. 

Every day of July (including Sunday and Monday) we will post in stock canvases.  Although we are not open on those days, email us if you want to place an order and we will respond as soon as we return to the store. 

If you want only one shipment for July orders, we are happy to hold the canvases all month.  However, we will charge your orders daily.

 Kirk & Bradley KB-256

Kirk & Bradley KB-258

Kirk & Bradley KB-452

Kirk & Bradley KB-453

Kirk & Bradley KB-455

 Kirk & Bradley KB-458

Kirk & Bradley KB-459

Kirk & Bradley KB-1150

Kirk & Bradley KB-1152

Kirk & Bradley KB-1153

Kirk & Bradley KB-1187

Kirk & Bradley KB-1188

Kirk & Bradley KB-1189

Kirk & Bradley KB-1285

Kirk & Bradley KB-1286

Kirk & Bradley KB-1288

Kelly Clark KAH 01-18

Kelly Clark KAH 5-18

 Kelly Clark KAH 31-18

Kelly Clark KAH 35-18

Kelly Clark KAH 36-18

Kelly Clark KAH 37-18

Kelly Clark KAH 38-18

Kelly Clark KAH 39-18

Kelly Clark KAH 40-18

Kelly Clark KAH 42-18

Kelly Clark KCN-1431

Kelly Clark KCV-101

Kelly Clark KCV-102

Kelly Clark KCV-103

Kelly Clark KCV-104

Kelly Clark KCV-105

Kelly Clark KCV-106

Kelly Clark KPF 51-18

Kelly Clark KPF 53-18

 Kelly Clark KCB 02-18

Kathy Schenkel CO-335

Kathy Schenkel CO-339

Kathy Schenkel CO-340

Kathy Schenkel CO-341

Kathy Schenkel SH-126

Kathy Schenkel SH-706

Kathy Schenkel SH-710

Kathy Schenkel SH-714

Kathy Schenkel ST-420

Little Bird RO-007

Labors of Love LL-421B

Labors of Love LL-421C

Labors of Love LL-421D

Labors of Love LL-421E

Labors of Love LL-421G

Labors of Love LL-421K

Love You More SS-03

Love You More SS-04

Maggie M-1022

Maggie M-1848

Maggie M-1849

Maggie M-1850

MAP Designs 151-H

MAP Designs 204-F

Mile High Princess 3013

Mile High Princess 6002

Mile High Princess 1535F

Mile High Princess 1536F

Mile High Princess 1600

Mile High Princess 1623

Melissa Prince A-143

Melissa Prince H-213

Melissa Prince H-214

Melissa Prince H-215

Melissa Shirley 920-C

Melissa Shirley 920-E

Melissa Shirley 920-F

Melissa Shirley 921-A

Melissa Shirley 921-D

Melissa Shirley 921-E

Melissa Shirley 1527-B

 Melissa Shirley 1605-B

Melissa Shirley 1605-F

Melissa Shirley 1605-G

Melissa Shirley 1605-K

Melissa Shirley 1605-L

Melissa Shirley 1831-A

Melissa Shirley 1831-B

Melissa Shirley 1831-C

Melissa Shirley 1831-D

Melissa Shirley 1831-E

Melissa Shirley 1831-F

Melissa Shirley 1832-C

Melissa Shirley 1832-D

Melissa Shirley 1832-F

Melissa Shirley DM-62D

Melissa Shirley MLT-264C

Melissa Shirley MLT-323C

NeedleDeeva 1316

 NeedleDeeva 1343-K

NeedleDeeva 1343-L

NeedleDeeva 1352-C

NeedleDeeva 1352-D

NeedleDeeva 1352-E

NM Arts 115

NM Arts 173

NM Arts 188

NM Arts 193

Princess & Me C-465

Princess & Me C-647

Princess & Me C-783

Princess & Me C-789

Princess & Me C-791

Princess & Me C-813

Princess & Me C-821

Pepperberry Designs BL-02

Pepperberry Designs CCH-02

Pepperberry Designs CCH-03

Pepperberry Designs SF-05

Pepperberry Designs ST-03

Be sure to see Posts 1 and 3.


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