Thursday, July 7, 2016

Christmas in July - Mini Stockings, Post 1

Post 1 of 2

During the entire month of July, in stock canvases are 30% off and special order canvases are 20% off.  Club canvases are excluded.  This applies to new orders only. 
Every day of July (including Sunday and Monday) we will post in stock canvases.  Although we are not open on those days, email us if you want to place an order and we will respond as soon as we return to the store.  
If you want only one shipment for July orders, we are happy to hold the canvases all month.  However, we will charge your orders daily.

 A. Bradley ab08

A. Bradley ab38

A. Bradley ab53

A. Bradley ab91

A. Bradley ab114

 A. Bradley ab118a

A. Bradley ab152

A. Bradley ab178

A. Bradley ab339

A. Bradley ab340

A. Bradley ab342

A. Bradley ab343

A. Bradley ab344

A. Bradley ab350

A. Bradley ab353

A. Bradley ab358

A. Bradley ab359

 A. Bradley ab362

A. Bradley ab367

A. Bradley ab372

A. Bradley ab374

Anne Brinkley 6

Anne Brinkley 15

Burnett & Bradley 95

Burnett & Bradley 96

Burnett & Bradley 1362

Burnett & Bradley 1363

Burnett & Bradley 1365

Associated Talents CT-698C

Associated Talents CT-1731

Associated Talents CT-1775

Associated Talents CT-1776

Associated Talents CT-1781

Associated Talents CT-1785R

Associated Talents CT-1905

Associated Talents CT-1912

Burnett & Bradley 6001

BB Needlepoint Designs ST-1

BB Needlepoint Designs ST-2

BB Needlepoint Designs ST-3

Beth Gantz 415-RG, hat

Beth Gantz 486-LP

 Beth Gantz 486-LR

Brenda Stofft B-328A

Brenda Stofft B-328B

Brenda Stofft B-328C

Carol Dupree 750

The Meredith Collection CH-C046

The Meredith Collection CH-C047

Cooper Oaks LR-380

Danji CH-88

Danji CH-92

Danji CH-93

Danji CH-160

Danji CH-162

Danji CH-172

Danji CH-173

Danji CH-193

Danji CH-194

The Meredith Collection MX-170C

The Meredith Collection MX-176

The Meredith Collection MX-176A

The Meredith Collection MX-177

The Meredith Collection MX-180

The Meredith Collection MX-188

The Meredith Collection MX-189

The Meredith Collection MX-191

Heartstrings HS-5732

Heartstrings HS-5733

Heartstrings HS-5734

Heartstrings HS-5735

Heartstrings HS-5816

Heartstrings HS-5817

Heartstrings HS-5819

J. Child STK-10

J. Child STK-103

J. Child STK-116

J. Child STK-218

J. Child STK-106

Julie Mar KL-171-1

J. Malahy MS-1

J. Malahy MS-5

J. Malahy MS-6

J. Malahy MS-7

J. Malahy MS-8

Kelly Clark KCN-732

Kelly Clark KCN-736

Kelly Clark KFA-02

Kelly Clark KFA 01-18

Kelly Clark KFA 10-18

Kelly Clark KFA 11-18

Be sure to see Post 2.


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