Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Christmas in July - Letters, Words, & Sayings, Post 1

Post 1 of 2

During the entire month of July, in stock canvases are 30% off and special order canvases are 20% off.  Club canvases are excluded.  This applies to new orders only. 

Every day of July (including Sunday and Monday) we will post in stock canvases.  Although we are not open on those days, email us if you want to place an order and we will respond as soon as we return to the store. 
If you want only one shipment for July orders, we are happy to hold the canvases all month.  However, we will charge your orders daily.

 & More CRP-3

& More CV-298

& More CV-315

& More CV-316

& More BECK-183

& More CV-108

& More CV-293

& More CV-327

& More CV-339

& More CV-347

& More CV-373

& More CV-379

& More CCLIP-9

& More CV-114

a. bradley ab12

Anne Brinkley MT-853

Anne Brinkley AB-570

Anne Brinkley AB-572

Burnett & Bradley 1133

Burnett & Bradley 1134

Burnett & Bradley 1304

Amanda Lawford NB-NC-02

Alexa LWG-4

Alexa LWG-5

& More CW-01

& More CW-04

& More CW-05

& More CV-22

& More CV-30

& More CV-93

& More CV-116M

Alice Peterson 2407

Alice Peterson 3079

Associated Talents AA-155a

Associated Talents AA-155b

Associated Talents AA-155i

Associated Talents AA-155o

Associated Talents AA-155p

Associated Talents AA-155q

Associated Talents AA-155u

Associated Talents AA-155v

Associated Talents AA-155x

Associated Talents AA-155y

 Associated Talents AA-155z

Associated Talents M-161

Barbara Bergsten Designs S-44A

Barbara Bergsten Designs S-59

Barbara Bergsten Designs S-69

Barbara Bergsten Designs S-70

Barbara Bergsten Designs S-71

Barbara Bergsten Designs X-57

Beth Gantz 101AB-N

Beth Gantz 101AB-O

Beth Gantz 101AB-P

Beth Gantz 101AB-Y

Beth Gantz 101AP-F

Beth Gantz 101AP-V

Beth Gantz 101LB-Q

Beth Gantz 101LB-T

Beth Ganzt 101LP-D

Beth Gantz 101LP-heart

Beth Ganzt 101LP-U

Beth Ganzt 101PB-W

Beth Gantz 901LR-Jingle

Beth Gantz 901LR-Santa

Beth Gantz 914

Birds of a Feather BF-518

Birds of a Feather BF-216

 Birds of a Feather BF-402

Birds of a Feather ND-819

Brenda Stofft 314

Canvas Art by Barbi 1003

Canvas Art by Barbi 1005

Canvas Art by Barbi 1012

Canvas Art by Barbi 1013

Canvas Art by Barbi 1016

Canvas Art by Barbi 122-M

CBK Needlepoint KSH-SS21

CBK Needlepoint LM-SS02

 CBK Needlepoint SS-18

CBK Needlepoint SS-19

 Canvas Connection SI-374e

Canvas Connection SI-509A

Carol Dupree 901

Cheryl Schaeffer IPC-9

Cooper Oaks CC-705

Cooper Oaks CC-724

Cooper Oaks SWB-1078

Colors of Praise AC-705

Colors of Praise AC-706

Colors of Praise AC-718

Colors of Praise AC-824

Colors of Praise AC-840

Colors of Praise AC-841

Colors of Praise AC-842

Colors of Praise CH-718

Cheryl Schaeffer ATR-3, comes with metal tray

CanvasWorks CO-39B

CanvasWorks CO-39C

CanvasWorks CO-40B

CanvasWorks CO-41B

DeElda 9919

Dream House Ventures F-3698

Dream House Ventures F-3725

Dream House Ventures VH-3658

Dream House Ventures VH-3675

Dream House Ventures VH-3682

DJ Designs DL-958

Eat.Sleep.Stitch BG TM-1

Eat.Sleep.Stitch BG TM-10

Elizabeth Turner S-48

Elizabeth Turner S-54

Elizabeth Turner S-55

Elizabeth Turner S-85

Elizabeth Turner S-91

Elizabeth Turner S-127

Elizabeth Turner S-142

Elizabeth Turner S-144

Elizabeth Turner S-145

Elizabeth Turner S-154

Elizabeth Turner S-175

Elizabeth Turner T-4A

Elizabeth Turner T-4C

Elizabeth Turner T-4D

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