Thursday, July 28, 2016

Christmas in July - Angels, Candy Canes, & Mittens

During the entire month of July, in stock canvases are 30% off and special order canvases are 20% off.  Club canvases are excluded.  This applies to new orders only. 

Every day of July (including Sunday and Monday) we will post in stock canvases.  Although we are not open on those days, email us if you want to place an order and we will respond as soon as we return to the store. 

If you want only one shipment for July orders, we are happy to hold the canvases all month.  However, we will charge your orders daily.

 Alexa LO-7

DeElda AG-101

DeElda AG-102

DeElda AG-105

DeElda AG-108

JP Needlepoint X-217

 Rebecca Wood 1019-E

Rebecca Wood 1026-D

Rebecca Wood 1026-F

Strictly Christmas COANG-05

Strictly Christmas COANG-06

Strictly Christmas COANG-07

Strictly Christmas COANG-16

Strictly Christmas COANG-17

Susan Roberts 5605

Susan Roberts 5605, shown complete
Susan Roberts 5823

Candy Canes
 Burnett & Bradley 916

Burnett & Bradley 1073

Burnett & Bradley 2733

Danji CH-60

Danji CH-129

Danji CH-130

Danji CH-131

Danji CH-133

Danji CH-134

Danji CH-158

Danji CH-WTP-01

Danji CH-WTP-04

Danji CH-WTP-08

Danji CH-WTP-10

Carol Dupree 866

Carol Dupree 871

Carol Dupree 872

Carol Dupree 873

Robbyn's Nest R-762

 a. bradley ab61

a. bradley ab172

a. bradley ab173

a. bradley ab174

a. bradley ab175

Burnett & Bradley 2161

Burnett & Bradley 2428

Associated Talents CT-1851

Associated Talents CT-1852

Associated Talents CT-1853P

Associated Talents CT-1854 

Associated Talents CT-1854G

Associated Talents CT-1859

Associated Talents CT-1864

Associated Talents CT-1883

Associated Talents CT-1884

Associated Talents CT-1887

Bees Knees BK-202

The Collection CH-300C

Dream House Ventures VH-3601

The Meredith Collection XO-146W

The Meredith Collection XO-146R

The Meredith Collection XO-146T

The Meredith Collection XO-146U

The Meredith Collection XO-146UU

The Meredith Collection XO-146X

The Meredith Collection XO-147A

The Meredith Collection XO-147C

The Meredith Collection XO-147PC

The Meredith Collection XO-147S

The Meredith Collection XO-147SS

The Meredith Collection XO-147Y

Julie Mar 185-2

Kirk & Bradley KB-1149

Kelly Clark KCN-80

Kelly Clark KCN-82

Kelly Clark KCN-84

Kelly Clark KCN-87

Kelly Clark KCN-88

Kelly Clark KCN-632

Kelly Clark KCN-830

Kelly Clark KCN-831

Kelly Clark KCN-839

 Kathy Schenkel CO-602

Kathy Schenkel CO-602B

Kathy Schenkel CO-634
 Shelly Tribbey TD-11

Shelly Tribbey TD-13

The Collection CH-300A

The Collection CH-300D

Winnetka Stitchery Design 787-A

Winnetka Stitchery Design 787-B

Winnetka Stitchery Design 787-C

Winnetka Stitchery Design 787-D


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