Friday, July 22, 2016

Christmas in July - Medium to Large Animals, Post 2

Post 2 of 2

During the entire month of July, in stock canvases are 30% off and special order canvases are 20% off.  Club canvases are excluded.  This applies to new orders only. 

Every day of July (including Sunday and Monday) we will post in stock canvases.  Although we are not open on those days, email us if you want to place an order and we will respond as soon as we return to the store. 
If you want only one shipment for July orders, we are happy to hold the canvases all month.  However, we will charge your orders daily.

 Julie Mar KL-136

Julie Mar LUDW-8103

JP Needlepoint B-422R

Jean Smith 5B-2

Julia's Needleworks LL-111

Kirk & Bradley KB-423

Kirk & Bradley KB-424

Kate Dickerson SST-29

Kate Dickerson SST-78

Kate Dickerson SST-158

Lani 1045-A

Lee's Needle Arts P-1100

Leigh Designs 5800

Leigh Designs 5801

Leigh Designs 5802

Leigh Designs 6320, with stitch guide

Labors of Love LL-156-B

Labors of Love LL-156-C

Labors of Love LL-306L

 Labors of Love LL-306Q

Labors of Love LL-306R

Labors of Love LL-306S

Labors of Love LL-306T

Labors of Love LL-414K

Labors of Love LL-414M

Labors of Love LL-414Q

Labors of Love LL-414R

Labors of Love LL-416E

Labors of Love LL-536E

Labors of Love LL-306V

Labors of Love LL-306W

 Love You More JB-01

Love You More JB-02

Maggie M-210

Maggie M-646

Maggie M-786

Maggie M-899

Maggie M-941

Maggie M-942

Maggie M-1574

Maggie M-1589

Maggie M-1695

Maggie M-1725

Maggie M-1763

Maggie M-1821

MAP Designs B-102

Melissa Prince B-337

Melissa Prince B-338

Melissa Prince B-362

Melissa Prince B-369

Melissa Shirley 536

Melissa Shirley 1665

Machelle Somerville MS-073

Melissa Shirley VS-175

Pajamas & Chocolate PATT-127

Pajamas & Chocolate PATT-188

Patti Mann 7316

Patti Mann 11703

Patti Mann 11705

Patti Mann 11711

Patti Mann 11712

The Point of It All Designs PSE-1

The Point of It All Designs PSE-4

Painted Pony DP-AN05

Painted Pony DP-LS01

Painted Pony DP-LS03

Painted Pony DP-LS05

Quail Run  PH-13

Raymond Crawford HO-901

Raymond Crawford HO-1087

Robbyn's Nest FR-040, painted canvas with painted frame

Robbyn's Nest R-435

Robbyn's Nest R-433

Robbyn's Nest R-1010

Ruth Schmuff 5526

Ruth Schmuff 6107

Ruth Schmuff 6512

Ruth Schmuff 6513

Ruth Schmuff 9519

Rebecca Wood 465-G

Sharon G CT-37

Sharon G CT-38

Sharon G CT-39

Sharon G CT-54

Stitch Its LN-Rabbit 1

Stitch Its RN-1B

Squiggee HX-1101

Squiggee HX-1106

Susan Roberts 799

Susan Roberts ADSP-105

Susan Roberts ADSP-107

Tapestry Fair 1053

Tapestry Fair 1058

The Collection BN-50E

The Point of It All Designs PDG-54

The Point of It All Designs PSE-13

The Meredith Collection/Charley Harper HC-C238

 The Meredith Collection/Charley Harper HC-L243

The Meredith Collection/Charley Harper HC-O197

Treglown Designs LP-207

The Collection TS-762P

Unique NZ Designs 1420

Unique NZ Designs 1460

 Unique NZ Designs 1504

Unique NZ Designs 1505

Unique NZ Designs 1703

Unique NZ Designs 1704

Unique NZ Designs 1705

Unique NZ Designs 1709

Unique NZ Designs 70610

Waterweave CO-1506

Waterweave CO-1507

Whimsy & Grace 11634-B

Whimsy & Grace 12623

Zecca ZE-296

Be sure to see Post 1.


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