Saturday, June 28, 2014

Alexa, Renaissance, The Collection

 Alexa LWG-4

 Alexa LWG-5

 Alexa WG-2

 Alexa WS-2

Alexa WSN-2
 Alexa WSN-4

 Renaissance B-111A

 Renaissance B-111B

 Renaissance FG-110A

 Renaissance FG-110B

 Renaissance FG-110C

Renaissance MNS-237A
 Renaissance MNS-264-9

 Renaissance MNS-265B

 Renaissance MP-158

 Renaissance MP-159B

 Renaissance N-188-2

 Renaissance N-188-6

Renaissance N-188-7
Renaissance N-188-8
Renaissance N-188-9
 The Collection PM-7

The Collection SB-955


Friday, June 27, 2014

K. Brant and Charts

 K. Brant Needlepoint Santa

 Dots, Spots & Blocks by Finger Step Designs
(Collection of stitched dotted and checkered stitches)

Not Exactly Blackwork by Finger Step Designs
(Collection of Blackwork stitches)


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lani & Melissa Shirley

 Lani 1037

 Melissa Shirley DM-81B

 Melissa Shirley DM-81C

 Melissa Shirley DM-81D

 Melissa Shirley DM-81E

Melissa Shirley DM-81F


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Raymond Crawford

 Raymond's new line of cookies.  They are available on both 13 and 18 count.  We have an assortment of counts in stock!

 Raymond Crawford HO-1001

Raymond Crawford HO-1010
Raymond Crawford HO-1014
 Raymond Crawford HO-1023

 Raymond Crawford HO-1025

 Raymond Crawford HO-1027

 Raymond Crawford HO-1028

 Raymond Crawford HO-1036

 Raymond Crawford HO-1038

 Raymond Crawford HO-1044

 Raymond Crawford HO-1051

 Raymond Crawford HO-1052

 Raymond Crawford HO-1056

 Raymond Crawford HO-1060

 Raymond Crawford HO-1062

 Raymond Crawford HO-1064

 Raymond Crawford HO-1073

 Raymond Crawford HO-1076

 Raymond Crawford HO-1078

Raymond Crawford HO-1082

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