Friday, May 30, 2014

The Studio Midwest Trunk Show - 3D Cars

 E-2B, Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper finished

 E-2C, Race Car

Race Car finished

 E-2D, Jaguar

 E-2G, Porsche

 E-2H, Ford Woodie

 E-2I, Fire Engine

 E-2J, London Bus

 E-2K, Pickup Truck

E-2L, Animal Crackers
 E-2N, School Bus

 E-2Q, Ice Cream Truck

 E-2R, Smart Car

 E-2T, Mail Truck

 E-2U, UPS Truck

 The toppers & 3-D cars from The Studio Midwest are 20% off during the trunk show.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Studio Midwest Trunk Show - Post 2

 To-76, Boy Scout

 To-77, Cub Scout

 To-78, Aviator

 To-79, Lawyer

 To-80, Flag Vest

 To-81, Statue of Liberty

 To-82, Flower Ballerina/Blue

 To-83, Lavender Ballerina

 To-86, Bowler

 To-91, Lance Armstrong

 To-92, Queen of Hearts

 To-93, Train Engineer

Train Engineer finished

To-94B, Shopper

 Shopper finished

To-95, Gondolier

 To-97, Mail Carrier

 To-98, Navy Blazer

 To-99, Race Car Driver

 To-100, Red Ballerina

 To-101, Hawaiian Swim Trunks

 To-102, Police Officer

To-103, Pirate

 To-104, Blue/Plaid Ballerina

 To-105, Shamrock Ballerina

 To-106, Irish Step Dancer

To-107, Yellow/Pink Ballerina

 Yellow/Pink Ballerina finished

 To-108, Michael Jackson

 To-109, Ski Jacket

 To-110, Green Kimono

 To-111, Pink Flower Kimono

 To-112, Bee Keeper

 To-113, Flower Chinese Robe

 To-114, Sea Shore Ballerina

To-115, Purple Plaid Ballerina
 To-116, Ice Princess Ballerina

To-117, Will
 To-118, Kate

 To-119, Lily Dress Daughter

 To-120, Lily Dress Mother

To-128, Captain America

 Captain America's shield

 To-129, Superman

To-130, Batman
To-131, Robin

Toppers and 3-D cars are 20% off with the trunk show.
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