Monday, January 12, 2015

Sunday at Phoenix Market

 Barbara Bergsten PS-29

Danji CH-112

Danji CH-113

Danji CH-114

Elizabeth Turner HA-2

Elizabeth Turner S-190t

Elizabeth Turner S-190v

Elizabeth Turner S-193

Elizabeth Turner S-194

Elizabeth Turner XO-174L

Elizabeth Turner XO-174M

Elizabeth Turner XO-174N

Elizabeth Turner XO-174O

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-478

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-479

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-480

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-482

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-483

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-484

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-485

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-486

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-488

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-489

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-491

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-492

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-495

Julie Mar 181501

Labors of Love LL130A "Tudor Rose"

Labors of Love LL-212, 13 count -- 31" tall
18 count available in smaller dimensions
This is STUNNING!!!

Labors of Love LL-213, 13 count -- 31" tall

Labors of Love LL-538, Limited Edition

Pippin P-CH-015

Pippin P-CH-016

Pippin P-CH-017

Pippin P-D-001

Pippin P-D-004

Pippin P-D-010

Pippin P-D-012

Pippin P-ET-H-001

Pippin P-ET-H-002

Pippin P-ET-H-003

Pippin P-ET-H-004

Pippin  P-NI-001

Pippin P-NI-008

Robbyn's Nest FR035

Sew Much Fun 4th of July Mouse

Sew Much Fun Kitty Kat (front)

Sew Much Fun Kitty Kat (back) 

 Sew Much Fun Lucky Leprachaun

Sew Much Fun Monster Mash

Sew Much Fun Uncle Sam

The Point of It All Designs LFOR-906

The Point of It All Designs LFOR-907

The Point of It All Designs LFOR-910

The Point of It All Designs LFOR-911

The Point of It All Designs LFOR-905

The Point of It All Designs S-383

Unique NZ Designs 70490

Zecca - collection of Tiny circles

Zecca - more Tiny circles, also shown as self finishing with felted wool

Zecca ZE-312

Zecca ZE-333

Zecca ZE-334

Zecca ZE-353

Zecca ZE-354

Zecca ZE-355

 Zecca ZE-356

Zecca ZE-357

Zecca ZE-362

Zecca ZE-372

Zecca ZE-373

There is more to come tomorrow.  Remember our January sale includes all new canvases.  20% off in stock and special order canvases (club canvases excluded).


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