Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Monday at Phoenix Market

More of our wonderful finds at market!
  Annie Lane Chicken

 Barbara Bergsten EC-04

Barbara Bergsten EC-08

Barbara Bergsten S-69

Barbara Bergsten S-70

Barbara Bergsten S-71

dede ED-17157

dede ED-17158

dede Ed-17166

DJ Designs DL-1719

J. Child BKM-224

J. Child DHG-223

J. Child DHG-227

J. Child PIL-243

Kirk & Bradley KB-1257

Kirk & Bradley KB-1258

Kirk & Bradley KB-1259

Kirk & Bradley KB-1260

Lee's Needlearts WH-1351

Lee's Needlearts WH-1352

Lee's Needlearts WH-1353

Lee's Needlearts WH-1354

Machelle Somerville MS-050

Machelle Somerville MS-056

Machelle Somerville MS-066

Pepperberry AC01-TR

Pepperberry CCH-01

Pepperberry CCH-02

Pepperberry CCH-03

Pepperberry CCH-04

Pepperberry CCH-05

Pepperberry CCH-06

Pepperberry DG-02

Pepperberry magnet

Pepperberry magnet

Pepperberry SN-19

 Pepperberry SN-20

 Pepperberry SN-21

Pepperberry SN-22

Pepperberry SN-23

Pepperberry SN-26

 Purple Palm Designs 5002

Desert Island Stitches -- new book!!!

 New threads from Rainbow Gallery -- you can see how they look stitched!!!

 Raymond Crawford HO-950

Raymond Crawford HO-1120

Raymond Crawford HO-1121

Raymond Crawford HO-1122

Raymond Crawford HO-1123

Raymond Crawford HO-1124

Raymond Crawford HO-1125

Raymond Crawford HO-1126

Raymond Crawford HO-1129

Raymond Crawford HO-1132

Raymond Crawford HO-1133

Raymond Crawford HO-1134

Raymond Crawford HO-1135

Raymond Crawford HO-1136

Raymond Crawford HO-1138

Raymond Crawford HO-1139

Raymond Crawford HO-1140

Raymond Crawford HO-1160

Raymond Crawford HO-1161

Raymond Crawford HO-1162

Raymond Crawford SG-1

Raymond Crawford SG-2

Raymond Crawford SG-3

Raymond Crawford SG-4

Raymond Crawford SG-5

Raymond Crawford SG-6

Robbyn's Nest R-973

Sandra Gilmore 'Tis the Season

Sandra Gilmore Blue Christmas

Sandra Gilmore Nana 
(make sure you see Tinkerbell in the bottom left side window)

Sharon G GS-958

Sundance - newest sampler pack, get to try ribbons, beads, and embellishments

Tapestry Fair Fox

Tapestry Fair Raccoon

 Tapestry Fair Squirrel

Treglown Designs G-451

Trubey OR-120

Waterweave CO-901

Waterweave CO-1505

 Waterweave CO-1506

Waterweave CO-1506, shown stitched

Our January sale is going on now.  20% off in stock and special order canvases, including new market canvases!!!!  Club canvases are excluded.


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