Saturday, January 17, 2015

Market - Still Not Done

We realized there are still more pictures that haven't been shared from market.  With our sale going on, we want to bring you as many pictures as we can.

 Alice Peterson 2613

Alice Peterson 2623
Alice Peterson 2628
Alice Peterson 2629
Alice Peterson 3612
Alice Peterson 3618
Alice Peterson X-137
Alice Peterson X-170
Alice Peterson X-188
Alice Peterson X-192
Alice Peterson X-193
Associated Talents CT-1716R

Fairy Doors
Canvas Art by Barbi 911
 Canvas Art by Barbi 912

Canvas Art by Barbi 913
Canvas Art by Bari 914
Cheryl Schaefer CHF-1
Cheryl Schaefer Snowman Shutter
 Julie Mar 602

Julie Mar 604
Julie Mar KL-408
Julie Mar KL-412
Julie Mar KL-1052 iPad case
Kelly Clark KCA23-18
Kelly Clark KCA24-18
Kelly Clark KCA26-18
Kelly Clark KCA27-18
Melissa Shirley 1857
Melissa Shirley DM-93
Pepperberry Designs HW-08
Pepperberry Designs HW-09
Pepperberry Designs HW-10
Pepperberry Designs HW-11
Pepperberry Designs HW-12
Pepperberry Designs HW-13
Pepperberry Designs HW-14
Pepperberry Designs HW-15
Pepperberry Designs HW-16
Painted Pony 994CJ Thailand
Painted Pony 994CK Tahiti
Painted Pony 994DR Four Corners
Painted Pony 994DS Fort Worth
Painted Pony 996IF Peppermint Lane
Painted Pony 996IH Cabana Beach
Painted Pony 996IM Mrs. Claus
Painted Pony 996IN Indian Maiden
Painted Pony 996IO Xmasville Church
Painted Pony 996IP Pink Queen
Painted Pony 996IQ Gone Batty
Painted Pony 996IR I Love to Ride Western
Painted Pony 996IS Space Cadet
Painted Pony 996IT Woodland Friends
Painted Pony 996IU Cleopatra
Puffin & Co. Medium Cases
Puffin & Co. Small Cases
Puffin & Co. Teeny beading threaders
Shelly Tribbey C-232
Shelly Tribbey C-233
Shelly Tribbey C-234
Tapestry Fair 3000
Unique NZ Designs 1460, Balance

Our January sale is 20% off in stock and special order canvases (excludes club canvases).


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