Saturday, January 10, 2015

Phoenix Market - Saturday Update

Today was such a great day!  There were so many goodies, too much for one post.  Here are some of the goodies we found - 

Annie Lane Crab Ass
Annie Lane Helping Hen
Annie Lane Henrietta (see the pearls!)

Annie Lane Sheepy Wicked
 Annie Lane Sweet Tea

Annie Lane That Doggone Rooster
Annie Lane The Bartlett Trio
Colors of Praise AC-821
Colors of Praise AN-182
Colors of Praise CH-718
Colors of Praise CH-719

Colors of Praise MC-431
Julie Mar SC-235
Kelly Clark - new mini socks available in 13 and 18 counts
Kate Dickerson  "BOO"
Kate Dickerson "Create"

Kate Dickerson PL-136
Melissa Shirley 1815
Melissa Shirley 1818
Melissa Shirley 1823-A
Melissa Shirley 1823-B
Melissa Shirley DM-86A
Melissa Shirley DM-86B
Melissa Shirley DM-86C
Melissa Shirley DM-86D
Melissa Shirley DM-86E
Melissa Shirley DM-86F
Melissa Shirley DM-95
Melissa Shirley DM-96
Melissa Shirley DM-100
Melissa Shirley J-235
Melissa Shirley MLT-319
Melissa Shirley MLT-323A
Melissa Shirley MLT-323B
Melissa Shirley MLT-323C
Princess & Me C-789
Princess & Me C-791
Princess & Me C-793
Princess & Me C-796
Princess & Me C-799
Princess & Me C-800
Rebecca Wood 1015-A
Rebecca Wood  1015-B

Rebecca Wood 1015-C
Rebecca Wood 1015-D
Rebecca Wood 1019-A
Rebecca Wood 1019-B
Rebecca Wood 1019-C
Rebecca Wood 1019-D
Rebecca Wood 1019-E
Rebecca Wood 1019-F
Rebecca Wood 1019-G
Rebecca Wood 1019-H
Rebecca Wood 1359
Rebecca Wood 1360
Rebecca Wood 1364
Shelly Tribbey C-119
Shelly Tribbey C-336
Shelly Tribbey C-338
Shelly Tribbey H-322
Tapestry Fair 1097-A
Tapestry Fair P-3A
Tapestry Fair P-5
Unique NZ Designs 1704, Drying in the Rain
Unique NZ Designs 1706, Feed Me
Unique NZ Designs 1709, Waiting for Dinner

Unique NZ Designs 70388
Unique NZ Designs 70499
Unique NZ Designs 70627

There is so much more!

Remember all new canvases are on sale with our January sale, 20% off in stock and special order canvases.  Excludes club canvases.


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