Friday, January 9, 2015

Phoenix Market - Just a Few Things!

Market officially starts tomorrow, but we have a few things to share tonight!!!

 Danji CH-81

Danji CH-82
Danji CH-83
Danji CH-84
Danji CH-85
Danji CH-86
Danji CH-87
Danji CH-88
Danji CH-90
Danji CH-91
Danji CH-92
Danji CH-93
Danji CH-94
Danji FR-02
Danji FR-04
Danji FR-05
Danji FR-06
Danji FR-07
Danji FR-09

NeedleDeeva 1776, available in both 13 and 18 counts

 NeedleDeeva 1845, available in both 13 and 18 counts

 NeedleDeeva 1835, available in both 13 and 18 counts

NeedleDeeva 454A
NeedleDeeva 454B
NeedleDeeva 454C
NeedleDeeva 454D
NeedleDeeva 454E
NeedleDeeva 454F
 NeedleDeeva 604

NeedleDeeva 604A
NeedleDeeva 604B
NeedleDeeva 604C
NeedleDeeva 613
NeedleDeeva 613A
NeedleDeeva 613B
NeedleDeeva 613C
NeedleDeeva 613D
NeedleDeeva 613E
NeedleDeeva 1354
NeedleDeeva 1356G
 NeedleDeeva 1356L

NeedleDeeva 1356M
NeedleDeeva 1356N
NeedleDeeva 1357K
NeedleDeeva 1367B
 NeedleDeeva 1381C

NeedleDeeva 1381D

 a. bradley ab427

a. bradley ab428
a. bradley ab429
 a. bradley ab324a

a. bradley ab326a
a. bradley ab327a

Stay tuned for more market finds.  Tomorrow is a full day of shopping but we will share just as soon as we can!  

Don't forget, new market canvases are included in our January sale.  20% off in stock and special order canvases.  Excludes club canvases.


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