Monday, January 12, 2015


Magnets!!!  Who doesn't love magnets.  We are bringing home "just a few" magnets --

Here is a better view of all these

Chili Pepper

green eeek!

orange eeek!

black fleur de lis

blue fleur de lis

pink fleur de lis

flying monkey

blue fox

pink fox

Game of Thrones

Gingerbread house

Happy Face

Summer hat

Heart reds

Heart pinks

Blue Keep Calm

Orchid Keep Calm

Red Keep Calm


Pot of Gold

2015 Snowflake


 Life's Short Bead Case

Beading Case - inside view
magnet on one side and silicon pad to hold beads on the other side

Beading Case - variety of colors

 Beading Case - Bling!

Life's Short Needle Case 

Needle Case shown open
magnetic side for needles and/or small pair of scissors

 Needle Cases with bling

Needle Cases available in a variety of colors


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