Monday, January 13, 2014

More! More! More!

 NeedleDeeva presents Kristine Kingston Needlepoint Designs!
Check out her belts!
 Kristine Kingston B-100

 Kristine Kingston B-102a

 Kristine Kingston B-110b

 Kristine Kingston B-110c

 Kristine Kingston B-110y

 Kristine Kingston B-120

 Kristine Kingston B-130

 Kristine Kingston B-140

 Kristine Kingston B-160a

 Kristine Kingston B-170

 Kristine Kingston B-182

 Kristine Kingston B-200

 Kristine Kingston B-201

 Kristine Kingston B-210

 Kristine Kingston B-300b

 Kristine Kingston B-301d

 Kristine Kingston B-400

 Kristine Kingston B-401

 Renaissance Designs birds

 Renaissance Designs "Grandma said I could"

 Renaissance Designs "Grandma's my name, Spoiling's my game"

 Renaissance Designs "Keep Stitching & Ignore Cleaning"

 Rebecca Wood Mid-size Thanksgiving Series

 Rebecca Wood 1353a

 Rebecca Wood 1354

 Rebecca Wood Fairy Tale Ornaments

 Rebecca Wood "A Few of My Favorite Things" series
Stitch guides by Cynthia Thomas

 Rebecca Wood ornaments!

 Whimsy & Grace WG12693

 Whimsy & Grace WG12694

Whimsy & Grace 12828


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