Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ann Wheat Pace, Lee's NeedleArt, & NeedleDeeva

 More has arrived ---
 Ann Wheat Pace 252-G, comes with stitch guide

Ann Wheat Pace 252-G, stitched

Ann Wheat Pace 252-L, comes with stitch guide

 Ann Wheat Pace 252L, stitched

Ann Wheat Pace 406-A

 Ann Wheat Pace 406-B

Ann Wheat Pace 406-C, comes with stitch guide and jewels for eyes

 Ann Wheat Pace 406-C, stitched

 Ann Wheat Pace 799-B

 Ann Wheat Pace 851-B

 Lee's NeedleArt A-1310

Lee's NeedleArt BD-95

 Lee's NeedleArt BG-116

Lee's NeedleArt KB-52

 NeedleDeeva 306-J

 NeedleDeeva 306-K

NeedleDeeva 327-18
NeedleDeeva 327-13
NeedleDeeva 330-18

NeedleDeeva 331-13
NeedleDeeva 331-18
NeedleDeeva 333-18
NeedleDeeva 333-13
NeedleDeeva 451
(We are making this a cauldron for our Beloved & Bewitched series.  They will be so cute coming out the top of this cauldron when complete.)

 NeedleDeeva 562-A

 NeedleDeeva 562-B

 NeedleDeeva 562-C

 NeedleDeeva 562-D

 NeedleDeeva 570-A, comes with stitch guide

 NeedleDeeva 570-B, comes with stitch guide

 NeedleDeeva 570-C, comes with stitch guide

 NeedleDeeva 570-D, comes with stitch guide

 NeedleDeeva 610-A

 NeedleDeeva 610-B

 NeedleDeeva 610-C

 NeedleDeeva 610-D

 NeedleDeeva 610-E

 NeedleDeeva 610-F

 NeedleDeeva 610-G

 NeedleDeeva 611

 NeedleDeeva 612

 NeedleDeeva 661-G

NeedleDeeva 661-H

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