Monday, January 13, 2014

Last day of market -- more pictures!

 A Collection of Designs 2901

 A Collection of Designs  "Naptime"

 A Collection of Designs birds

 A Collection of Designs Christmas birds

 A Collection of Designs owls

A Collection of Designs flowers

 A Collection of Designs Large Flowers

 A Collection of Designs Lightbulbs

 A Collection of Designs Mini Socks

 A Collection of Designs Halloween Owls

 The Point of It All Designs HO-21

 The Point of It All Designs S-357

 The Point of It All Designs S-365

 The Point of It All Designs S-372

 The Point of It All Designs S-378

 The Point of It All Designs S-380

 The Point of It all Designs S-381

 The Point of It All Designs S-382

Strictly Christmas Pet store window (a favorite!!!)

Strictly Christmas has tons of new stuff coming!  Sorry we didn't get pictures of them. 
Be watching for -
***Squatty Santas - Pilot, Heart, Favorite Sports Team, New York
***Series of Crowns
***"Things we love" series
***Fabulous pillow size train

Market is over and now the fun really starts!  Our canvases will start to arrive as soon as the designers make it back and can ship our orders on to us.  We will bring all our great find to you on the blog as they arrive.

Don't forget a few things going on at PFOS now ---
***Princess & Me Trunk Show
***Beth Gantz Trunk Show
***January Sale - 20% off in stock and special order canvases.  New canvases from designers are also included in our sale.  Club canvases are excluded.  Call or email for information on any canvas seen over the weekend or on a designer's website!

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