Sunday, January 12, 2014

More from yesterday at market!

More from yesterday -

 & More CV-232

 & More CV-233

& More CV-235
 & More CV-236

 & More CV-251

 & More - do re me fa so la ti do

 Birds of a Feather AS-735

 Birds of a Feather - AS-736

 Birds of a Feather AS-737

 Birds of a FeatherAS-738

 Birds of a Feather CC-716

 Birds of a Feather CC-717

 Birds of a Feather CC-718

 Birds of a Feather - stitching birds

 Kelly Clark KCA-9010

 Kelly Clark KCA-9012

 Kelly Clark KCA-9015

 Kelly Clark KDP-19

 Kelly Clark A bit flakey outside!

 Kelly Clark - Joy, Hope, Peace

 Sew Much Fun - Army boy and girl

 Sew Much Fun - Tabitha Turtle

 Sew Much Fun Tweety Bird

Sew Much Fun - Zoe Zebra

 Sew Much Fun - Zoe Zebra, back

It is off to another day of market.  There are so many more pictures from day 1 to share!  Stay tuned, if we take a break, we will share more!!!

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