Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beth Gantz Trunk Show - Alphabets

Beth Gantz does FABULOUS alphabets.  These are great for beginners and the experienced stitcher.  Most are available in both 10 or 14 count canvas.

 101AB "N"

 101AB "O"

 101AB "P"

 101AB "Y"

 101AP "C"

 101AP "F"

 101AP "V"

 101LB "Q"

 101LB "T"

 101LP "A"

 101LP "D"

 101LP "U"

 101PAL "E"

 101PAL "K"

 101PB "A"

 101PB "B" Model

101PB "I"
 101PB "W"

 170LP "M"

 250PB "I"

 650 "A"

 650 "B"

 650 "C"

 650 "D"

 650 "J"

 650 "S"

 650 "C" model

 800XB "M"

 800XL "S"

 800XP "B"

 800XP "C"

 800XP "M"

Zebra & Pink "M"

All Beth Gantz canvases are 20% off during the trunk show.  Also, our January sale is going on now!!!  20% off in stock and special order canvases (excludes club canvases).


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