Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Even More from Market!

June McKnight has a new book, Needlepoint Secrets, to be released in March.  We are very excited for this book!

These canvases will be in store on Thursday when we arrive back!
 Mindy 2331F

 Patti Mann 11362

 Mindy 2331C

 Danji CH-19

 Danji CH-18

 Danji CH-17

 Danji CH-12

 Danji CH-11

 Mindy 2331A

 Mindy 2331D

 Mindy 2331E

 Patti Mann 11607

 Patti Mann 11600

 Patti Mann 11599

 Patti Mann 11511

 Patti Mann 11506

 Patti Mann 11504

 Patti Mann 11364

Patti Mann 11614


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