Thursday, July 18, 2013

Requested - Dog & Cat Ornaments (Part 2)

The remaining of the dog and cat in-stock ornaments!

 Raving Beauties Black Lab

 Raving Beauties Cat

 Raving Beauties Collie

 Raving Beauties Dalmatian

 Raving Beauties Fluffy Cat

 Raving Beauties German Shepherd

 Raving Beauties Long Haired Dachshund

 Raving Beauties Poodle

 Raving Beauties Yorkie

 Shorebird Studios P-142

 Shorebird Studios P-152

 Shorebird Studios P-157

 Shorebird Studios P-161

 Shorebird Studios P-205

 Shorebird Studios P-206

 Shorebird Studios P-210

 Shorebird Studios P-213

 Shorebird Studios P-214

 Shorebird Studios P-216

 Shorebird Studios P-219

 Shorebird Studios P-221

 The Collection B-202

 The Collection B-205

 Waterweave C-611

 Winnetka Stitchery Design 838-D

Elizabeth Turner XO-146V

A. Bradley ab336

 A. Bradley ab339

 A. Bradley ab340

 A. Bradley ab342

 A. Bradley ab343

 A. Bradley ab344

 A. Bradley ab346

 A. Bradley ab350

 A. Bradley ab351

 A. Bradley ab352

 A. Bradley ab353

 A. Bradley ab358

 A. Bradley ab359

 A. Bradley ab362

 A. Bradley ab365

A. Bradley ab367

 A. Bradley ab368

 A. Bradley ab369

 A. Bradley ab370

A. Bradley ab372

 A. Bradley ab374

 A. Bradley ab375

A. Bradley ab376

 Ansley HD-3

 Ansley HD-6

 Ansley HD-7

 Ansley HD-9

 Ansley HD-10

 Ansley HD-11

 Ansley HD-16

Ansley HD25

 Ansley HD-26

 Ann Wheat Pace 404-A

 Ann Wheat Pace 404-B

 Barbara Russell Australian Shepherd

 Deux Amis CHM-7

 Deux Amis CHM-10

Deux Amis CHM-15

 Deux Amis CHM-30

 Deux Amis CHM-40

Deux Amis CHM-43

 Deux Amis CHM-48

 Deux Amis CHM-51

 Deux Amis CHM-52

 Jody B-68

 Jody B-157B

Kelly Clark 411

 Kelly Clark 1121

 KS Designs CO-328

 KS Designs TC-157

 KS Designs TC-158

 Mile High Princess 2507

 Painted Pony 999CA

 Painted Pony 999DG

 Strictly Christmas CSC-1001

 Strictly Christmas CSC-1002

 Strictly Christmas SSC-18

 Sharon G MB-39

Shelly Tribbey HB-09

 Susan Roberts 272

 Shorebird Studios P-149

Susan Roberts/Liz ASP-320

Christmas in July - 20% off canvases, in stock and special order.  (Excludes club canvases and applies to new orders.)  Remember this year is not limited to Christmas - all painted canvases are included.

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