Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Requested - Dog & Cat Ornaments (Part 1)

This is Part 1 of Dog & Cat Ornaments.  More to come!

 A. Bradley ab11

 A. Bradley ab167d

 A. Bradley ab167e

 Amanda Lawford MK-63

 Amanda Lawford MK-66

 Amanda Lawford MK-103

 Amanda Lawford MK-104

 Amanda Lawford MK-109

 Annie Lee AC-19

 Barbara Russell 207

 Barbara Russell 209

 Barbara Russell 272

 Barbara Russell Golden

 Barbara Russell Jack Russell

 Barbara Russell Westie

 City Needlework LWB-20

 Danji BP-05

 Danji LD-32

 Danji LD-36

 Deux Amis CHM-1028

 Elizabeth Turner MX-144

 Elizabeth Turner MX-145

 Elizabeth Turner XO-61f

 In Good Company CAS-15

 In Good Company DGS-12

 In Good Company DGS-13

 In Good Company DGS-28

 In Good Company DGS-32

 In Good Company DGS-34

 In Good Company DGS-43

 In Good Company DKH-20

 Kelly Clark 1122

 Kirk & Bradley KH-279

 KS Designs CM-147

 KS Designs CO-177

 KS Designs LP-047

 KS Designs PS-107

 KS Designs PS-126

 KS Designs ST-101

 KS Designs ST-113

 KS Designs ST-120

 KS Designs ST-131

 KS Designs ST-132

 KS Designs ST-133

 Maggie M-1090

 Maggie M-1092

 Maggie M-1152

 MM Designs 21

 The Princess & Me C-260

 The Princess & Me C-282

 Patti Mann 5420

 Patti Mann 5421

 Painted Pony 940

 Painted Pony 960

 Painted Pony 999di

 Patty Paints A-287

 Raymond Crawford QT-97

 Strictly Christmas COANG-07

 Strictly Christmas COMS-01

 Strictly Christmas COTS-02

 Sew Much Fun Cat

 Sew Much Fun Dog

 Tapestry Tent/Liz ASP-283

Tapestry Tent/Liz ASP-301

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