Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th

Happy 4th!!!

 Amanda Lawford 3256

 Betsy B July Basket

 Birds of a Feather BF-518

 Cooper Oaks SWB-124

 Danji LD-33

 Danji LD-34

 Denise DeRusha 169

 Denise DeRusha 186

 Denise DeRusha 190

 Denise DeRusha 196 (both 18 and 13 count)

 Denise DeRusha 245

 Denise DeRusha 284

Ewe & Eye & Friends EW-1155

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EW-1183

 Heartstrings HS-5333

 Heartstrings HS-5607

 Julia's Needleworks S-142

 KS Designs SH-117

 KS Designs SH-118

 Maggie/Our Faithful Friends M-OF-5

 Julia's Needleworks/Marcy MC-1999

 Painted Pony 226-BU

 Painted Pony 475-US

 Painted Pony 874-BF

 Patty Paints A-315

 Rebecca Wood 63-E

 Sharon G MB-24

 Shelly Tribbey BH-03

 Shelly Tribbey C-39

 Sandy Jenkins 181

 Sandy Jenkins 469

Whimsy & Grace 1001-03

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