Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Favorites - Robin

Robin's favorite in-stock canvases.

 DJ Designs 958

 Ruth Schmuff 8135

 A Collection of Designs 1303

 Associated Talents M-9101B

 Diane Dirks 228

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-344

 Raymond Crawford HO-17

 Raymond Crawford HO-742

 Kelly Clark Needlepoint 843

 Maggie M-1575, canvas & frame (lease holder)

 Mindy 2322

 Melissa Shirley 1316-A

 CanvasWorks PO-66B

 Quail Run WW-124

 Ruth Schmuff 8241

 Rebecca Wood 51-E

 Sandra Gilmore Sinterklaas

 Susan Robets/Janice Gaynor JG-1016

 Whimsy & Grace 11824

Whimsy & Grace 12520

Christmas in July - 20% off canvases, in stock and special order.  (Excludes club canvases and applies to new orders.)  Remember this year is not limited to Christmas - all painted canvases are included.

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