Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Favorites - Julia

 These are Julia's favorite in-stock canvases!

 Amanda Lawford MK-13

 Ann Wheat Pace 101-AK

 Birds of a Feather AS-722

 Cooper Oaks WK-2052

 Danji Designs LB-64

 Elizabeth Turner C-388

 Elizabeth Turner XO-139E

 Jean Smith 101-C

 Kirk & Bradley KH-368LT

 Libby Sturdy Twinkle Toes

 Maggie M-421

 Maggie M-1026

 Mindy 2302

 Melissa Shirley 1603-A

 Raymond Crawford HO-743

 Raymond Crawford HW-107

 Sandra Gilmore Graveyard

 Susan Roberts/Liz AL-109

 Zecca ZE-108A

Zecca ZE-190

Christmas in July - 20% off canvases, in stock and special order.  (Excludes club canvases and applies to new orders.)

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