Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Favorites - Devon

Devon's favorite in-stock canvases!!!

 & More CV-22

 & More CV-30

 Denise DeRusha 300

 Alice Peterson 2467

 Ann Wheat Pace 103-ab

 Ann Wheat Pace 245-B

 Danji Designs LB-62

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-247 - "Devon P"

 Raymond Crawford HO-255

 Raymond Crawford HO-342

 Julie Mar Texas Tech Snowman

 Kirk & Bradley KH-279

 Lani 965-B

 Libby Sturdy Patio Gardening Santa

 Melissa Shirley 1339-G

 Melissa Shirley 1604-E

 Melissa Shirley DM-60D


 Raving Beauties Golden Retriever

Raymond Crawford HO-104

Christmas in July - 20% off canvases, in stock and special order.  (Excludes club canvases and applies to new orders.)  Remember this year is not limited to Christmas - all painted canvases are included.

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