Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More New!

These canvases are in stock now!

Anne Brinkley 411

 Anne Brinkley 545, a favorite of ours

 Anne Brinkley CJ-15

 Anne Brinkley MT-40G

 Associated Talents CT-1501

 Ann Wheat Pace 104C

Little Shoppe Canvas Company Banners













Little Shoppe Canvas Company Carrots



Little Shoppe Canvas Company PL-2

 Example of finished plate.

Little Shoppe Ornaments, add beads between each layer and a tassel at the bottom.
Example of finished ornament.







The Princess & Me C-708

 The Princess & Me C-709

 The Princess & Me C-714

 The Princess & Me C-722

 The Princess & Me C-730

 The Princess & Me C-732

 The Princess & Me C-736

 Whimsy & Grace 11440

Whimsy & Grace 12522

 Whimsy & Grace 12443

 Whimsy & Grace 12235

Whimsy & Grace 12576


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