Sunday, February 3, 2013

Market - Day One Continued

Even more great finds -
Amanda Lawford - bags, boxes, canvases from Mariko King -

ATTENTION - Amanda Lawford's first limited edition canvas.  They are only painting 50 of the above canvas.  If you like it, email us now ( to get one before they are gone!

Canvases from Mariko King - 

Alice Peterson 

DC Designs

Ewe & Eye & Friends 


Patti Mann
Need a caterpillar?


Turtle - wood base and canvas top!  Too cute!!!


Waterweave - This is a new designer to PFOS.


This great saying comes with a dog collar (to the right).

Mini skulls

Growth chart

OH so many more canvases but it is off to bed for us!  Better pictures will come when they arrive in store.  Let us know if you want information on any of the canvases we show.

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