Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In Stock Canvases

We are back and sorting through all the wonderful pictures, information, and even a few things we brought back with us.  Here are some canvas and kits that are in stock and ready to be purchased!!!

 Mindy 2347

 Mindy 2346

River Silks' kits complete with canvas, ribbon, and stitch guide.  They even come with practice canvas and ribbon. 
Gerber Daisy



Pink Aster

Labors of Love
 LL-306L, Seagull Clip-on Bird
 LL-306K, Pheasant Clip-on Bird

Here are a few canvases that arrived while we were gone.

 Dream House Ventures CL-3635

 Dream House Ventures VH-3612

Dream House Ventures DH-3837

 Dream House Ventures VH-3658

Rebecca 558-C

Call or email if you need information on any of the above canvases.

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