Friday, February 15, 2013

46 New Canvases

 Barbara Bergsten Designs X-57

Barbara Bergsten X-58

Lani 101h

Lani 962

 Lani 1003a

 Lani 1003c

 Lani 1003d
 Lani CO-103a

 Lani CO-103b

 Lani CO-103c

Lani CO-103d

 Lani CO-103e

 Lani CO-103f

 Lani CO-103g

 Needle Deeva 1343c

 Needle Deeva 1343g

 Needle Deeva 1343h

Needle Deeva 1343i

Needle Deeva 1343j

 Needle Deeva 1343l
 Needle Deeva 1365d

 Needle Deeva 1365e

 Needle Deeva 1365k

Needle Deeva 1365l

 Needle Deeva 1379b

 Needle Deeva 1379d

Needle Deeva 1379f

 Needle Deeva 151a

 Needle Deeva 151b

 Needle Deeva 151c

 Needle Deeva 151d

 Needle Deeva 151e

 Needle Deeva 151f

Needle Deeva 151g

 Needle Deeva 151h

 Needle Deeva 151i

 Needle Deeva 151j

 Needle Deeva 151k

 Needle Deeva 902

 Needle Deeva 323

 Waterweave 613, comes with stitch guide

 Waterweave C611
 Waterweave CO-1100

 Waterweave CO-1322

 Waterweave CO-616, comes with stitch guide
Waterweave CO-821, comes with stitch guide

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