Sunday, February 3, 2013

Market - Day One

The first day of market has ended.  We ordered new canvases and restocked some favorites.  Here are some of the highlights -
& More - new crosses, sayings and a new book called Great Layers from Julia Snyder.

Colors of Praise - Celebrate!!!

Kirk & Hamilton

Labor's of Love

Little Shoppe Canvas Company - Cookie Bowl, Halloween & Christmas Banners, Stacked Ornaments

These ornaments have beads between each layer, hanger at top and tassel at the bottom. 

Now imagine the above picture upside down.  You get a carrot!!!

 Quail Run

Rebecca Wood - Nursery Rhyme series, Santas, and a stocking 
The Princess and the Pea

We also ordered a series of ornaments based off the reindeer in this stocking!  OH SO CUTE!!!

Sew Much Fun - Stocking cuffs & 3D critters. 

These cuffs would make great pillows too!!!

Give Thanks

Raggedy Ann & Andy


Manny Monkey

There is more to come.  We did not want to delay our first update any longer.  Keep watching for more to come.

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