Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Party Continues ----

If you missed our post yesterday, we are having a party at PFOS.  The best way to celebrate a party is with a SALE!!!  In stock canvases are 20% off, but only for a short time.  The party (and sale) end Saturday, October 10th.  

Destination Dallas canvases are included.  Here are more canvases we brought home with us -- some new and some our favorites!

Annie Lane - Cow Hide

Annie Lane - Just Us Girls

Annie Lane - Man Eating Cow

Annie Lane - Road Trip

Annie Lane - Rudy

Annie Lane - Sheep in Falls Clothing

Annie Lane - Sheep Shoes

Annie Lane - Stand by Me

Annie Lane - Stylin'

Birds of a Feather AS-702

Birds of a Feather AS-735

Birds of a Feather CO-703

Birds of a Feather JB-901-18

Birds of a Feather JB-903-18

 Birds of a Feather ND-830

Birds of a Feather P-608

Brenda Stofft B-314

 Brenda Stofft B-299B

Brenda Stofft B-299C

Brenda Stofft B-316

Brenda Stofft B-317

Brenda Stofft B-321

Brenda Stofft B-323

 Elizabeth Turner H-1
 Elizabeth Turner H-4

Elizabeth Turner XO-146X

Elizabeth Turner XO-147S

Elizabeth Turner XO-147SS

J. Child BKM-103

J. Child CTR-222

J. Child DHG-203

J. Child DHG-223

 J. Child PIL-244

J. Child STK-10

Labors of Love LL-242

Labors of Love LL-425E

Labors of Love LL-426D

Labors of Love LL-426F

Labors of Love LL-505

Labors of Love LL-510U

Labors of Love LL-510V

Labors of Love LL-510W

Labors of Love LL-510X

Machelle Somerville MS-043

Machelle Somerville MS-049

Machelle Somerville MS-054

Melissa Shirley MS-062

 Machelle Somerville MS-073

Machelle Somerville PS16-A

Nenah Stone FF-36

 Nenah Stone HW-135

Nenah Stone HW-141

Nenah Stone HW-143

Nenah Stone HW-167

Patti Mann 3613

Patti Mann 11300

Patti Mann 11337

Patti Mann 11465

Patti Mann 11510

Patti Mann 11516

Patti Mann 11520

Patti Mann 11524

Patti Mann 11592

Patti Mann 11594

Patti Mann 11812

Patti Mann 11814

Patti Mann 11826

Patti Mann 11830

Renaissance Designs G-111

Renaissance Designs T-O-C-105

Ruth Schmuff 1426

Ruth Schmuff 5801

Ruth Schmuff 6511

Ruth Schmuff 6512

Ruth Schmuff 7004

Ruth Schmuff 7016

Ruth Schmuff 7027

Ruth Schmuff 8159

 Ruth Schmuff 8198

Share One's Ideas A-101

 Share One's Ideas H-116

Share One's Ideas H-119

Share One's Ideas H-121

Share One's Ideas O-109

Share One's Ideas O-110

Share One's Ideas O-123

Share One's Ideas O-124

Share One's Ideas O-125

Share One's Ideas P-277

Zecca ZE-259B

Zecca ZE-259J

Zecca ZE-385

Zecca ZE-386

Zecca ZE-391

Zecca ZE-405


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