Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Long Post - 113 canvases

This post is long -- 113 canvases, both new and some of our favorites!  Our sale continues -- 20% off in stock canvases.  Canvases from Destination Dallas are included, but selling quickly.  If you are interested, don't wait.  Club canvases are not included.

 Amanda Lawford 25004

Amanda Lawford 25006

Amanda Lawford 25040

Amanda Lawford 25041

Amanda Lawford/DC Designs D-8147

Amanda Lawford/DC Designs DO-113

Amanda Lawford/DC Designs DO-146

Amanda Lawford MK-101

Amanda Lawford NB-NC7A

Alexa CS-7291

Alexa CS-7292

Alexa LO-7

Alexa LO-8

Alexa LO-8

Alexa LO-12

Alexa LO-16

Alexa OT-1

 Alexa OT-5

Alexa R3-2

Alexa R3-6

Alexa R3-7

Alexa R3-8

Alexa R3-15

Alexa SO-3

Alexa SO-4

Ann Wheat Pace 102AN

Ann Wheat Pace 301-B

Ann Wheat Pace 301-H

Ann Wheat Pace 408-A

Ann Wheat Pace 408-B

 Ann Wheat Pace 408-C

Ann Wheat Pace 408-D

Ann Wheat Pace 727-A

Ann Wheat Pace 727-C

Cooper Oaks WK-2069

Danji CH-95

Danji CH-97

Danji CH-100

Danji CH-103

Danji CH-104

Danji CH-105

Danji Egg house (bunny & chicks to follow) 
Danji CH-115

 Danji CH-116

Danji CH-117

Danji CH-118

Danji CH-119

Danji CH-120

Danji CH-121

Danji CH-122

Danji CH-123

Danji CH-124

Danji CH-125

Danji CH-126

Danji CH-127

Danji CH-128

Danji CH-129

Danji CH-130

Danji CH-131

Danji CH-132

Danji CH-133

 Danji CH-134

Danji CH-140

Danji CH-141

Danji CH-145

Danji CH-146

Danji LB-112

Danji LB-115

Danji LB-116

Danji LB-117

Hilary Jean Designs JFF-006-18

Hilary Jean Designs S-009-18

Hilary Jean Designs S-010-18

Hilary Jean Designs S-011-18

 Hilary Jean Designs S-012A-18

Hilary Jean Designs S-012B-18

Hilary Jean Designs S-012C-18

Hilary Jean Designs V-001-18

Kathy Schenkel Designs BT-119

Kathy Schenkel Designs CM-395, with stuffed elephant

Kathy Schenkel Designs CO-253

Kathy Schenkel Designs CO-258

Kathy Schenkel Designs CT-349

Kathy Schenkel Designs CT-350

Kathy Schenkel Designs CT-351

Kathy Schenkel Designs CT-352

Kathy Schenkel Designs TL-307

Kathy Schenkel Designs TL-313

Maggie M-806

Maggie M-1505

Maggie M-1812

 Maggie M-1813

Maggie M-1817

Maggie M-1814

 Painted Pony DP-AN02

Painted Pony DP-LS03

The Collection/Patty Paints EYE-3

Painted Pony LA-HO01

Painted Pony/Needle Graphics NG-UNIV03

Painted Pony/Petei PT-2UTX03

Robbyn's Nest Jungle Animals

Robbyn's Nest FS-035, dog

Robbyn's Nest Leaves

Robbyn's Nest R-433

Robbyn's Nest R-952

Sundance SD-GG#5, Graceful Garden #5

Sundance SD-GGSP, Sitting Pretty

The Collection MS-3

The Collection MS-4

The Collection/Patty Paints A-285

The Collection/Patty Paints HO-26

The Collection/Patty Paints P-404

The Collection T-06

The Collection T-13

Our sale ends Saturday, October 10th.


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