Saturday, October 3, 2015

How about more canvases?

The party continues -- the sale party!  20% off in stock canvases, including Destination Dallas canvases.  (Excludes club canvases.)

 CanvasWorks CO-27A

CanvasWorks CO-27B

CanvasWorks CO-27C

CanvasWorks CO-27F

CanvasWorks CO-28D

CanvasWorks CO-30E

CanvasWorks CO-30F

CanvasWorks CO-39B

CanvasWorks PO-135 insert

CanvasWorks PO-139 insert

JP Needlepoint H-10

JP Needlepoint V-92

JP Needlepoint X-220

JP Needlepoint X-221

Julia's Needleworks LB-79, includes hinge hardware

Julia's Needleworks LB-122, includes hinge hardware

Julia's Needleworks LB-129, includes hinge hardware

Julia's Needleworks S-199, includes beaded handle

Julia's Needleworks S-285

Julia's Needleworks S-286

Julia's Needleworks S-290

Kate Dickerson ALB SET-03

Kate Dickerson ALB-10

Kate Dickerson ALB-13

Kate Dickerson ALB-14

Kate Dickerson ALB-18

Kate Dickerson ALB-27

Kate Dickerson ALB-29

Kate Dickerson ALB-55

Kate Dickerson ALB-59

Kate Dickerson ALB-60

Kate Dickerson ALB-65

Kate Dickerson ALB-68

Kate Dickerson SS-157

Lani 1030

Lani 1045-A

Lani 1058-C

Lani 1058-F

Rebecca Wood 465-G

Rebecca Wood 470-A

Rebecca Wood 470-B

Rebecca Wood 470-E

Rebecca Wood 470-G

Rebecca Wood 470-J

Rebecca Wood 470-K
Rebecca Wood 740-L

Rebecca Wood 470-M

Rebecca Wood 1025-A

Rebecca Wood 1025-B

Rebecca Wood 1025-C

Rebecca Wood 1025-D

Rebecca Wood 1025-E

Rebecca Wood 1025-F

Rebecca Wood 1025-G

Susan Roberts 3-D 5" tree

Susan Roberts 480

Susan Roberts 490

Susan Roberts 726

Susan Roberts 1033

Susan Roberts 1229

Susan Roberts 5418

Susan Roberts 5420

Susan Roberts 6420

Susan Roberts C-1044

Susan Roberts/Liz ADP-205

Susan Roberts/Liz AXS-330

Susan Roberts/Liz LGDP-507


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